Lauren (trekkiepetrelli) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Celebrating Robin Williams On His 70th Birthday

Tags: actor / actress, anniversary / birthday, film

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God, it still hurts my heart to remember that he's gone.

Jumanji and Aladdin for me. I watched both of those movies so much as a kid.
Good Morning Vietnam and Aladdin are always the first two roles I associate with Robin Williams.
As a kid, Ferngully. As an adult, probably The Birdcage.

Batty is iconic. I still randomly say "Price check on prune juice Bob, price check on prune juice"


July 21 2021, 22:53:47 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 22:54:25 UTC

This is still one of the biggest celebrity deaths to hit me so hard. I can't watch a single one of his movies anymore without crying by the end of it. You can pull so many quotes of dialogue from all his work that just really hits you in the fucking gut when you relate it to his life, his philosophy, his kindness, and how fucking sad it all makes his death in the end. Truly one of the greatest actors we've ever had.
Sort of random, but I never fail to get a bit misty eyed when I see clips of that commercial he did with Zelda about the Zelda video game and the camera cuts to his big bearded face and he had the biggest smile. And his smile was so pure and beaming and child like.
he just had such a reassuring and homely aura :'(
Finding out that he wanted to do FernGully but Disney pretty much fucked him over with Aladdin and Genie makes me so sad. I love Tim Curry but I also wish I known that Robin cared that much about the environment. It's the layers.
He was in Fern Gully. He was Batty.
OH SHIT. For some reason when I was listening to the video essay with my friends I assumed Disney had just kicked him out. What I get for half-listening.

I wish FernGully was streaming.
Jumanji and Hook are my favourites, I haven't seen Jack in years but I remember loving it as well.

I LOVED Mrs Doubtfire growing up it's still enjoyable but hasn't aged as well.
One Hour Photo is an underrated gem <3
I want to mention his roles (while not my favorites) in Dead Again & Ferngully.
Robin's death hurts in a way that no other celebrity death does. It's been what, six years? and it's still throws me for a loop that he's gone.

Really the only actor that hit remotely this hard with their death was Chadwick Boseman, for completely different reasons.
every now then it hits me that he and Philip Seymour Hoffman are gone and I get this rush of grief....

I actually had a teacher similar to Keating in middle school but I was too young and dumb to realize how good he was. I think that's my favorite role of his, but also love him in Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire, of course.

I wanted to watch One Hour Photo, is it a good movie?
OP has flawless taste! The Birdcage is one of top 5 all time fave movies.

Definitely the celebrity death that hit me the hardest.

Movies not mentioned as often that I love: What Dreams May Come, Bicentennial Man, Death to Smoochy...hell, Night at the Museum just for his small role.

I honestly loved Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook so much growing up but I feel like I could list 2/3 of his movies and be like "oh ya, and that one too" like Jack, Patch Adams, The Birdcage, Dead Poets Society, even Flubber...and ALADDIN jfc like the movies that honestly I feel like children will grow up with and love forever.

I just can't think of another actor like him honestly.
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