Lauren (trekkiepetrelli) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Celebrating Robin Williams On His 70th Birthday

Tags: actor / actress, anniversary / birthday, film

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Really hope his daughter isn't being bombarded by people processing their emotions through her. Reading about what she goes through was so sad.
I follow Zelda on Twitter and people still use her to process their emotions. I genuinely feel bad for her. Let the girl live.
Same. I feel bad for her.
Every story I've heard from fans about him is how genuinely sweet he was. Whenever I remember his death I get sad all over again.
He tipped my friend’s bf $100 on a cup of coffee after having a really sweet long conversation
I love the Birdcage so much. It's got the perfect balance of comedy and pathos considering the subject matter, and the performances are so brilliant.
Fun fact: that line (one of my faves in a movie FULL of amazing one-liners) was adlibbed! Robin's fall wasn't scripted so if you watch that scene, he keeps saying "it's okay! we're okay!" because he didn't want them to cut. The actor playing the son chugs the wine so he doesn't break character and Hank Azaria is just trying to keep it together. Robin yelled "fuck the shrimp" thinking they'd edit it out but the crew behind the cameras FUCKING LOST IT when he said that so they kept it in!

I love this movie so so so much. I could write a dissertation on it.
I agree that this is my favorite performance of his. He was able to flesh out Armand so well. And like another commenter mentioned, he was a lead but he didn't eat everyone else up. He gave Nathan space, he gave everyone space, which makes a great ensemble and movie.
i think professor keating is my favorite role of his, but i also have a huge soft spot for him in good will hunting, the birdcage, and aladdin <3
As a kid with ADHD and thoughts jumping everywhere, robin was like a welcome friend. Live on Broadway is still one of my favourite stand up specials. His death really messed me up, but I also understood the being the silliest in the room but also the saddest. I miss him.
I was so gutted by his death, I still can't believe he's gone sometimes :(

I haven't seen Hook in so long, but I watched it all the time when I was a kid. Jumanji is a forever fave. As is The Birdcage.

Oh! I haven't watched Aladdin in forever either. Gotta make use of streaming lol
Besides the ones mentioned on the post, he was so creeepy in "One Hour Photo".

I also enjoyed "Old Dogs" and "RV"
Robin is the celebrity death that still makes me so sad after all these years.

Hook is probably my favourite role, because I love that movie so damn much. But he's so excellent in everything. And I use that in present tense because so many of his movies have stood the test of time and his roles are still hugely watchable and enjoyable today.

RIP King of Cinema
great, now I fell down a wormhole watching Jumanji clips

an underrated fave of mine… his speech at the end is 🥰😭🥰😭 it always stuck with me, since the mid-90s, when he said to “make your lives extraordinary!”

so he says “make your lives extraordinary” in here and in Dead Poet’s Society 🥰
I miss him.

I used to watch his comedy specials at night whenever I couldn't sleep and it always made me laugh. His favorite role of his has to be Genie, and also Armand in The Birdcage.
I absolutely loved Jumanji and Hook as a little kid <3
The Frog Prince of course
Golly but he was versatile.
patch adams cos as a kid in the hospital there were clowns and i thought id see him once. hook, aladdin…good will hunting destroys me all the time.
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