Lauren (trekkiepetrelli) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Celebrating Robin Williams On His 70th Birthday

Tags: actor / actress, anniversary / birthday, film

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July 21 2021, 13:55:21 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 13:56:21 UTC

his comedy energy was way too much for me. I really enjoyed his horror roles. he was so good in One Hour Photo and Insomnia.
He was amazing in dramas too (e.g., Good will Hunting, What Dreams May Come). Such a versatile actor
thanks for reminding me of what dreams may come. that's another favorite, though I can only watch once in a while because I bawl my eyes out.


1 week ago

I always preferred him in dramas tbh. I loved that he and Jim Carrey surprised everyone with what great dramatic actors they were. <3


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

He was fantastic in One Hour Photo
I've only see One Hour Photo once and I think that's enough times, it's so unsettling


1 week ago


1 week ago

I adored him. As a weird kid he often felt like my best friend and as an adult I connected with the deep melancholy under that comedic mask. His death still hits so hard.

My favourite films not listed here are Good Morning Vietnam, One Hour Photo and Hook because it was like candy crack to kid me.
His is def the celeb death I cried the most after. It felt personal. :[
I think for a certain generation he felt kind of like the Movie Dad, you know? Or the Movie Trusted Adult, maybe. And that was part of what made losing him so hard.


1 week ago

he was fantastic in Good Morning Vietnam


1 week ago

I've never seen Good Morning Vietnam...thanks for posting this and reminding to add it to my watch list.


July 21 2021, 13:57:52 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 13:59:21 UTC

Hook is my fave movie of his but it's so so hard to pick. Most underrated roles I would say are Jack and Death to Smoochy.
if you haven't seen World's Greatest Dad, add that to the list the of underrated RW movies
Thank you, I will!


1 week ago


July 21 2021, 13:59:14 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 14:03:11 UTC


(That’s the one I watch the most)

(Just rewatched Hook a couple of years ago)
Yaaasss Jumanji is such a good movie.
Oh man, I often forget that he’s gone. He was truly a gift of an actor.

Hook, the Night at the Museum films & Jumanji are some of my ultimate comfort films. Shamefully I haven’t seen his more serious performances but they are definitely on the list to watch.
I love Mrs. Doubtfire but am forever annoyed that his character found it easier to dress up as and impersonate a Scottish nanny than to just listen to Sally Field when she told him that his behavior sucked and he was making her always be the hardass parent. and parent him in their relationship.
i was just texting my bff about this! it still holds up as a sweet comedy but it's such a weird film to revisit as an adult. the "message" of it is absolutely bizarre. as a kid i used to turn it off before the end bc i didn't get why he couldn't be with his children and it made me so sad. as an adult i'm just like damn dude, this is absolutely unhinged behavior, of course you shouldn't get custody!!!
It's one of those movies that hit really different when you're not a kid anymore.
He was something special. <3 Hook is my favourite, it was so magical and he was PERFECT in it.
He should have won an Oscar for Aladdin. I know the Academy wasn't going to be giving out hardware for a voice performance but he was without a doubt better than the entire supporting actor lineup that year.
Ugh, why did he have to get that terrible disease Lewy Body dementia. He was a staple in my childhood for sure.
That's what my grandpa had :(
I'm so sorry, that must've been dreadful to witness someone you love going through that. :(
Was anyone else traumatised by Jumanji? I find that movie deeply upsetting. It really fucked me up.
As a kid no but as an adult most def lol a lot of the emotional beats went over my head as a wee child
Yeah as a kid, it freaked me out lmao, I didn't like that boy turning into an animal!! I'm not even sure if that's 100% what happens, because I've never been able to sit through the whole thing
lol YES something about it was so scary to me!! but my friend had the board game and i LOVED playing it so i guess maybe i was only but so scared
We had the game too but I think we were a little too young and dumb to get it lol

It was a pretty board game tho!
oh yeah. sometimes i still get really scared when i hear drums like that LOL. for me the two biggest traumatizing scenes are when Alan first gets sucked into the game and when Kirsten Dunst gets hit with the barb from the poisonous flower. when i first saw it as a 7 year old i thought she died and my parents had to talk me down in the theater!!!
it was definitely terrifying in points. The giant mosquitos? The evil monkeys? The poisonous dart plant? THE HUNTER??
i loved all of his movies, but mrs doubtfire was one of my faves as a kid. his death hit me hard and i miss seeing him act so much. i hope his daughter is doing alright, especially today </3
He was truly an iconic actor. His death is the only celebrity death that actually made me full on cry.
Did he really have a penchant for prostitutes? Trisha Paytas said he was a client and was known for it. Though obviously she is not a trusted news source.
I think it might be true, he did have addiction issues. :(
she said he was lovely and not creepy and really just like talking with them iirc. we all have our things.
God I love so many of his movies - The Fisher King is among them.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us Robin. 💖
Hook and Jumanji! I love love him as Genie ;-;
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