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BTS named South Korea's "Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture"

💜 President Moon Jae-in appointed kings of kpop BTS as his special envoy for public diplomacy

💜 The members of the group will attend major international meetings, including the 75th session of the U.N. General Assembly in New York in September

💜 Blue House spokesperson Park Kyung-mee said BTS will send a message of consolation and hope for the youth around the world and also join various activities on such issues as the environment, poverty, inequality and respect for diversity.

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Tags: asian celebrities, bts, cpop / jpop / kpop, politics

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Haven’t they ….been extremely problematic though? Who decides these things? 😂


July 21 2021, 11:31:00 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 11:34:48 UTC

South Koreans are not aware of any of the problematic things they've done, and I think those who are just don't care. And since no one outside SK ever dares to say anything negative about them because of ARMY terrorizing everyone, they're perfect for the job.
These positions are alway given to who's popular at the time
JYJ have been named UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors for Asia and the Pacific, and other "ambassadors" position...
And in the USA as well, a lot of random ppl get this type of role for whatever reasons (I'm guessing good connections)
the stuff bts has done isn't really problematic in korea. i suppose the weird overtly sexual stuff from rapmon could do it if it happened again now but its so old & most people don't know about it. bts have a lot of goodwill for increasing korea's pr/soft power and, as fucked up as it is, all being from korea. no foreign members gets them a lot of goodwill as well.


3 months ago

gurl, SK doesnt care
I can't wait for "Butter (Special Presidential Envoy Mix)" to drop
Well I guess there goes any hope of getting sexy, this-is-our-hoe-phase music lol. I'm calling it right now: we're gonna get a "we are the world"-esque song in the future.
we already got the pandemic special, this is actually "on trend" for them
Isn't that what Permission to Dance was lmao
Lolll you're quite right - it had children with balloons and everything! (My brain keeps erasing this song from existence). I think the next one will be even more of this.
blood sweat and tears was their ho phase and it was very short lived
The least they could have done was give us a more rock sound but instead we get Permission to Dance 😞


3 months ago

I'm so sad about this. Where's the hoe era, I need it pls
my hopes of getting another blood sweet and tears are crushed forever </3
omg theyre all so tiny
i could put them in my pocket
or maybe its just the angle
theyre never gonna enlist are they
the way they keep blowing up is making me think... probably not
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join various activities on such issues as the environment, poverty, inequality and respect for diversity.

whenever they’re asked about any of these topics, RM gives some word salad answer that has no meaning. it’s amazing they still have this rep of being THE socially conscious kpop group when they do the absolute bare minimum.
They and Hybe aren't messing up their bag for woke points, lol.
rapmon is good at speaking english but i don't think he can speak very well in formal settings. learning to speak and write politely and formally in english is a whole other skill and he probably didn't pick it up watching friends. which is fine, obviously, because he doesn't really need it. but idk if they have people helping him out with these UN speeches or not because they should.


July 21 2021, 13:20:05 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 13:28:12 UTC

just to be clear, I wasn’t commenting on his fluency in english or anything about his ability to speak english.

I just mean he has a tendency to not want to rock the boat or take an actual stand on certain social topics, so he skirts around giving actual answers to questions about them and gives the pr training answer.

and I think he does the same thing when he answers questions in korean. but I agree with you that they should probably be working with a speechwriter for events like this.


3 months ago


3 months ago

that's what gets me the most! they're like harry styles, they've never actually said anything concrete on any social topic.
it's really hilarious how stans act as if he's sooo intelligent. i've never been impressed by anything he said, and most definitely not by his non apology for his cultural appropriation (and yet armys love to use that as evidence he apologized)
the industry push behind these guys is just too much lmao
they have as much payola as Camila Cabello but ARMY doesn't want to hear that
these racists are gonna be ambassadors for respect for diversity? lmaooooo
Lmao I wish some media would be brave enough to talk about all those instances when they were racist
…this is just a tad too much
They've spoken at the UN before.


And? Doesn't make this any less of a joke.
why don't they come out and just say this is their way of serving tho, this is obviously what SK's government wants and Jin is reallyyyy pushing 30s
I wonder how much of their content has to be government approved now, I'm guessing they are going beyond just following the public station guidelines
lol its funny i literally had this conversation with someone a few hours before this was announced. I was like theyre gunna have them to diplomatic stuff as their service so they can still perform and release music cos south korea WANT them to be seen not hidden away serving in the military like most idols do especially with the massive age gaps in the band it would be so long without the full group and we were like "will korea have the balls to actually do that tho in fear of contreversy" and then........yep theyre doing it for sure


July 21 2021, 16:02:40 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 16:04:35 UTC

Omg, I think that's what they're totally going for. Ugh, justice for Taemin then!

But seriously, if SK government actually goes through with it, man, it's going to get ugly. Yes, they have lots of goodwill, but South Koreans aren't joking when it comes to military service and nepotism. It'll be a mess


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

i had not considered this angle but jesus you are absolutely right
My theory is they’ll have them go through with basic training and then put them in an administrative role and do diplomatic outward facing work. My hunch is that’s why they’re all studying and getting masters. To justify an office job. I don’t think they’ll be able to do HYBE activities too, but will have enough content created to keep fans engaged and while the Hyung line is serving, they’ll do solo activities. Then the reverse when the mak’s have to enroll. I don’t see all of them going together as something that will happen.
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