Tucker (tucker) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Ansel Elgort is bald

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jj sounding excited like they were paid
I didn’t realize the source and immediately thought “what does Janet Jackson have to do with any of this?” 😂
i think they only run photos/stories at the request of a celeb's publicist. every story there is like "wow! cara delevingne just got her braces off and boy she looks great!"
that makes a lot of sense lmao
Some people can pull off the buzz cut. He’s not one of them
He reminds me of a former crush
He's really not that cute
Why do I never pay attention to photo cuts which are there for my own good? I just love being horrified apparently.
Suits him and that’s not a compliment.
i didn't click on the cut because why would i do that, but i love the straightforward title of this post
He looks better with no hair than the floppy "hearthrob" type hair. at least it fits his face now
ontd ugly post this early in the morning
Ain't he doing some Japanese series?

Anyway disgusting
looks like one of those random russian edgelord guys you see in those edgy tumblr idym posts
Mte I feel like he’s gotta be wearing a tracksuit
lol his nose grew two inches. the exact same thing happened to me when i shaved my head.
I legit forgot he existed
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