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Flop Alert: Subway Tries and Fails To Give Away 1 Million Free Sandwiches

The sandwich chain just can’t catch a break...

In order to promote Subway’s Eat Fresh Refresh program featuring “new and improved ingredients,” spruced-up stores, and some new additions to its sandwich menu and the Turkey Cali Fresh sandwiches, the chain had announced that they would give away a million 6-inch Turkey Cali Fresh sandwiches nationwide. The giveaway occurred last week on July 13th from 10am to 12pm to the first 50 customers.

The problem? Not many people showed up or wanted them free sandwiches according to franchisees. Can you believe?

According to a source, who operates several Subway locations and communicates with fellow franchisees regularly, the average number of free sandwiches given away was about 20 per location.

“There were a few stores that did have 50 giveaways, but quite frankly, most stores managed 10 to 20,” said the source. “That’s what I’ve heard from at least 100 franchisees.”

Perhaps Subway wants to reach out to Chipotle with help on how to turn things around?

In other related news, Subway recently launched a website to prove their tuna is real. I guess.

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I don't trust subway at all lol they seem so sketch to me as a business and their hygiene etc. idk
I get the impression that they didn't publicize this because they didn't want "too" many people taking advantage of it, and that's shitty.
why would i ever go to subway? if i want a turkey sandwich the local bakery will slice it fresh for me.

They should give a million subs to the homeless.
didn't even hear about this -- but why 10 am - 12 pm? I don't want a sandwich during those hours!
They failed at promoting this.

I get diarrhea every time I have Subway so there's definitely something wrong with their food. If I can make a lunchmeat sandwich with cheese, veggies and Italian dressing at home without getting the shits, it's a Subway problem.

Also, what is it with sub stores smelling absolutely horrible? I worked for Mr. Sub on campus back in the day and while they said they'd "work around my class schedule", what they meant was they'd give me five minutes to get from the store to class with no time to change out of my stinky uniform and I'd be sitting there all grody and I'd smell like a floor salad while trying to learn.
They have a Subway right around the corner from my gym. I definitely would have gone had I known about it. Turkey is my fave. Though the bacon, egg and cheese is a close second.
no one wants a sammie at 10am
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