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Flop Alert: Subway Tries and Fails To Give Away 1 Million Free Sandwiches

The sandwich chain just can’t catch a break...

In order to promote Subway’s Eat Fresh Refresh program featuring “new and improved ingredients,” spruced-up stores, and some new additions to its sandwich menu and the Turkey Cali Fresh sandwiches, the chain had announced that they would give away a million 6-inch Turkey Cali Fresh sandwiches nationwide. The giveaway occurred last week on July 13th from 10am to 12pm to the first 50 customers.

The problem? Not many people showed up or wanted them free sandwiches according to franchisees. Can you believe?

According to a source, who operates several Subway locations and communicates with fellow franchisees regularly, the average number of free sandwiches given away was about 20 per location.

“There were a few stores that did have 50 giveaways, but quite frankly, most stores managed 10 to 20,” said the source. “That’s what I’ve heard from at least 100 franchisees.”

Perhaps Subway wants to reach out to Chipotle with help on how to turn things around?

In other related news, Subway recently launched a website to prove their tuna is real. I guess.

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subway sucks
Free food is only fun if the person paying for it is somebody you KNOW, I guess... !
Ugh I don’t even get subway when I am desperate in an airport and it’s the only thing open 😬. I am a vegetarian that would eat airplane food over subway and I think that says something.
I guess they really went underground with this promotion.

I don't eat meat and I'm happy Subway exists so I can eat something other than fries while on road trips.
Every time I see a Subway I think of the Subway episode of Face Jam where they tried that rib sandwich. Face Jam is the best podcast, I always laugh whenever I listen. #listentofacejam Here's an animated clip of Michael choosing the pizza side option.
When I was in high school, our student government did a special fundraiser promo with the Subway that was a few blocks away from our school. They sold a little coupon book but the coupons were only redeemable at that one location.

When I say a little coupon book, I mean there were maybe 10 coupons in there. But they went super low tech/lazy and just made their own coupons, printed them on yellow paper, cut them into strips, and stapled them together.

Someone took the best coupon in the book (I think it was buy one 6" sub and a drink, get one free 6" sub) to their mom's office, made a zillion copies on yellow paper, and shared them with everyone. Just thinking about it makes the very distinct Subway smell come back to me.

A few years ago, I was feeling nostalgic so I stopped at a Subway near my work. I don't know if their sandwiches totally suck now or if they just tasted better when they were free, but it was the most disappointing sandwich I can remember having.
This, my friend…was a journey. Thank you for this ride.
This is first I heard of it. Maybe actually advertise seeing that homeless are everywhere I would have gone and told a few in the area.
That’s because it’s a Turkey sandwich 🤮
Free is my favorite word. If I had known, I'd have gone
Their bread is shit. If there is any other option for fast food, I never even look at a Subway's.


July 21 2021, 13:11:12 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 13:51:55 UTC

I had a tuna sub yesterday. It was soo good. My belly is killing me today of course, but the taste of the sub will never leave my soul.
This is the first I heard of that promotion.

What's weird about Subway is it's one of the only chains around here that exist in "quaint" towns. Towns like Beacon and Bronxville have almost exclusively mom-and-pop stores or non-chain stores/restaurants...and a Subway.
Their subs have always been mediocre at best and I simply don't believe them that they didn't know about Jared so keep it.
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