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Flop Alert: Subway Tries and Fails To Give Away 1 Million Free Sandwiches

The sandwich chain just can’t catch a break...

In order to promote Subway’s Eat Fresh Refresh program featuring “new and improved ingredients,” spruced-up stores, and some new additions to its sandwich menu and the Turkey Cali Fresh sandwiches, the chain had announced that they would give away a million 6-inch Turkey Cali Fresh sandwiches nationwide. The giveaway occurred last week on July 13th from 10am to 12pm to the first 50 customers.

The problem? Not many people showed up or wanted them free sandwiches according to franchisees. Can you believe?

According to a source, who operates several Subway locations and communicates with fellow franchisees regularly, the average number of free sandwiches given away was about 20 per location.

“There were a few stores that did have 50 giveaways, but quite frankly, most stores managed 10 to 20,” said the source. “That’s what I’ve heard from at least 100 franchisees.”

Perhaps Subway wants to reach out to Chipotle with help on how to turn things around?

In other related news, Subway recently launched a website to prove their tuna is real. I guess.

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3
Tags: flop, food / food industry

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I keep reading this story and its making me crave subway tbh

But also watching Breaking Bad is making me crave chicken and a blue hawaiian so im just weak willed
Sounds like shitty promotion

Aint no way there wouldn’t be lines if people actually knew
i always know about freebies- i did not know about this
I hope their tomatoes are actually ripe now.
Subways is too pricey for their mediocre sandwiches.
The last time I went there I ended up just leaving because of the Subway store smell without getting anything.
For some reason on Friday last week my work gave us all a free subway sandwich of our choice and cookies. So I had my veggie sandwich and it was ok. But it didn't settle in my stomach all weekend. I ordered whole wheat but I don't think it's real whole wheat.
I got food poisoning from Subway (or strongly suspect it, I guess it’s not 100% knowable) and the smell of their stores has made me nauseous ever since.
People love free shit, if they had advertised this people would have shown up but this is the first I’ve ever heard of this.
Subway is nasty. The stores always have that smell that turns my stomach.
it was a bizarre rollout. I am on their mailing, and they kept sending "exciting changes coming soon" but somehow failed to tell me there was a free sandwich. um ok. they are failing so hard lately. between this and tunagate and their weird history of problematic owners and spokespeople, I don't know how they have fans left.
Or may be was because it was only six inches?!
You're telling me you don't want to waste time and gas for 6" of free food???
sorry henny im an ontd virgin and it's only 12" and up for me 💋
I just can't eat Subway anymore. Jersey Mikes is my go-to sub shop.
Subway >>>>>> Jimmy Johns

Those are the only two real options here though there is a Jersey Mike’s that just opened about 20 minutes away
I feel like That Scandal tainted their image
if there was a subway near me and i had known this, i would have gone. not bc subway is any good but bc i like free food
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