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The Spiel des Jahres awards 2021 happened yesterday, winners announced

The Spiel des Jahres 2021 awards were held yesterday, the awards celebrate the best board games of the year. Created in 1978 with the purpose of rewarding game design and promoting excellence in games.

The big winner for the main award “mainstream game of the year” was, micro macro crime city. A game in which you solve crimes that have taken place all over the city, and you have to solve by looking closely at the giant city map to find hidden information and trace the trails of the perpetrators.

Former winners include Just One(2019), Azul(2018), Code Names(2016), Hanabi(2013), Quirkle(2011), Dixit(2010), Ticket to Ride(2004), Alhambra(2003), Carcassonne(2001), Settlers of Catan(1995), Enchanted Forest(1982).

The winner of the “advanced game” award was paleo, a co-operative adventure game set in the stone age, in which players try to keep human beings alive, by acquiring food or resources, fending off death, while painting a woolly mammoth on the wall so that humans thousands of years later know that you once existed.

The winner for the “kids game” award was for, zombie teens: evolution. Cooperating with friends to launch an expedition to drive off the overwhelming hordes. Collecting 4 ingredients to brew the antidote that will save the world.

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