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ONTD Investigates: The Face Of Elon Musk

Lest I be considered sexist, I offer up to you a companion piece to last week's investigation into the face of Grimes. And I must say, I suffered for you, ONTD! I spent hours staring into the abyss, the abysmal amphibian like face of the capitalist Pickle Rick stan himself, Elon Musk and I did not like what I saw. Who would?! Grimes, I guess! But now I hope to help you answer the question: Did Elon Musk get plastic surgery?

As usual, I owe my format to the Skin Care Edit.

First, let's revisit this informative essay by his ex wife. In it, she discusses not only Elon's controlling nature but also his desire for a thin, platinum blonde trophy wife and his tendency to pick apart her appearance. A man with such high standards for his partners looks should of course hold himself to the same high standards, wouldn't you agree? Let's see if Elon does.

Trigger Warning: Lots of Pictures of Elon Musk Ahead!

Elon Musk, 1999

Oh, boy. Here we go.

Elon Musk's First Public Speech

In 2003, Musk gives a talk at Stanford about PayPal and a lot of other stuff I guess. I did not watch this, it's 45 minutes long and I don't want to hear this idiot talk! But let's take note of the fact that since 1999, he suddenly has developed significantly more hair.

Entrepreneur Of The Year, 2007

Elon's profile and profits continue to rise and names Musk entrepreneur of the year while posting this picture that certainly is not Elon Musk. I don't know who that is but it isn't Elon Musk.

Musk Inspires Iron Man, 2010


Okay, that's looking a little more familiar. I feel like he's looking a little more alive, less sallow than he did ten years before this picture. Perhaps that is due to spending more time outside and less time in his room on the computer, or perhaps it is due to spending money on facial treatments. Aside from the hair, I think his face is still Regular Ol' Musk.

Elon, 2012


I think here we are seeing a little fullness due to aging and weight gain.

Elon Musk in 2015


As Tesla apparently faces losses, Elon begins to look carefree and smooth. If we take a look at his undereye area and look back to the first picture, we can definitely tell the sallowness has disappeared completely. Could that be due to a procedure?

Elon in 2018


What can I say about Musk as we approach modern day? He's a smooth man. He's looks clammy. His face is incredibly smooth and does not match his under neck area. I honestly can't say what's going on here. Microneedling? Filler? Someone help me out.

Elon Musk in 2020


Here's the cool guy, shortly after guest starting on Rick and Morty as Elon Tusk, not too long after holding Azalea Banks hostage in his mansion in some weird attempt to allegedly try to get a threesome out of her, barely a month after tweeting Covid wasn't a big deal, and hot off the birth of his newest son, XQi18A¢>. Lookin' good, Mr. Musk!

Musk hosts SNL, 2021

Like a lot of the world, here we see Elon donning some quarantine weight gain and leaving the house in some embarrassing clothes. We also get a glimpse of his partner Grimes who may or may not have had lip fillers - Argue about it here!!

Elon in 1999 and Elon in 2021


So what do you think ONTD? Aside from the very obvious hair plugs, did Elon get anything done? Is he just a naturally smooth man? Is he under eye area less concave due to good skin care? Tell me your thoughts!

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