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ONTD Original-Ranking the Careers of the Mean Girls cast

It's been roughly seventeen years since Mean Girls first graced the big screen becoming an instant millennial classic that is still quoted today. So stop trying to make "fetch" happen.

The cast of Mean Girls has had lots of success and you'll still find most of them working today. Below we rank the careers of the cast after the movie came out.

10.Daniel Franzese

9.Lindsay Lohan-While she still has name recognization, Lindsay's career remains a mess. I used to have a soft spot for her but Lindsay trying to steal children off the street on instagram live killed that.

8.Jonathan Bennet-This cutie who played Aaron Samuels is one of those actors who sometimes acts and sometimes teaches soul cycle classes. But he is an out gay actor and I'm proud of him for that. He acts in movies like Sharknado sequels and the Hilary Duff Sharon Tate movie. He and his man were recently on the the cover The Knot, I thought it was so refreshing to see a gay couple on the cover of a wedding magazine! He was also in a Hallmark holiday movie where he was part of a gay couple. Love that for him!

7.Lacey Chabert-The least well known of the plastics, Lizzy has carved out a spot in the lucrative Hallmark/Liftime original movie industry. In 2017 she starred in THREE Hallmark movies.

6.Tim Meadows/Ana Gasteyer/Neil Flynn-You probably don't hear these names very often but checking at their IMBD's. they are all staying booked and busy, good for them.

- - -

5.Lizzy Caplan-Janis Ian herself has stayed booked and busy. She's been in multiple tv shows, most notably Master of Sex (don't ask about the Gorilla) and has been in movies such as Cloverfield, Bachelorette, and The Disaster artist. She may not be a household name but she has done very well for herself in a fickle industry.


4.Tina Fey-Ten years ago I would have put Ms. Norbury at #2 but her career has really petered out, she has done little of interest recently and a lot of her former die hard fans are turning on her. Still she is high on this list for her successes such as 30 Rock and Baby Mama.

3.Amy Poehler-I think Amy and Amanda could arguably be swapped on this list. I'm ranking Amy so high because I think Parks and Rec is a show that will stand the test of time (unlike 30 Rock) and Amy has also had success in the producing world.

2.Amanda Seyfried-Amanda has a bono fide movie career, starring in movies such as Mamma Mia (one AND two), Pan, and she even was nominated for an academy award this year for Mank.

1.Rachel McAdams-Another academy award nominee, I put Rachel at #1 because I think she's a genuine movie star and I think her career will last longer than Amanda's. IMO Regina George is an automatic #1 anyway so you can go shave your back now.

- -
What do you think, ONTD? Fave Mean Girls quote?

Source-google images, browsing IMBD
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