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Kris Wu allegations get even worse as Du Meizhu comes forward with more claims of abuse

TW: mention of sexual abuse, sexual assault

Following on from the two previous posts, here and here, the young woman who's come forward with allegations of Kris Wu preying on young/underage girls, and then attempting to buy her silence has revealed even more allegations.

In the post she claims that the evidence she has is enough to imprison him for at least a decade, and she's asking him to announce his withdrawal from the industry within following 24 hours. Her post also mentions that one of the girls Wu was involved with had to get an abortion, that the victims just keep getting younger and younger, and that he was even involved in date rape, gang rape, and group sex.

She has said she knows her life is ruined now, but wants to protect his other victims who she hopes won't have their lives ruined as well.

In a less horrifying part of the allegations, she also claims he badmouthed his ex-group mates (including Luhan and Tao who he has claimed to be friends/friendly with in recent years).

Brands who work with Wu have also erased traces of him from their social media, with the brand KANS dropping him completely and terminating his contract.

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Tags: asian celebrities, cpop / jpop / kpop, scandal

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