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Kim Kardashian's tanning secret EXPOSED (allegedly)

Popular-ish Youtuber, Lorry Hill has revealed a Kardashian secret. Hill makes youtube videos about plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, and other beauty treatments that celebrities have either had done or are promoting.

Hill is not a doctor but speculates on surgeries and treatments celebs have had done based on her claims of having, "unique access to the world of plastic surgeons (and who really is the best of the best for most every facial procedure) through a private network of friends and associates who share their wisdom and knowledge with me." Hill herself has openly had plastic surgeries and a number of treatments.

This week Hill has posted a video on how Kim Kardashian achieves such a dark tan. Hill claims she has an exclusive source with the Kardashians who has revealed Kim uses tanning injections to achieve her tans.

-KK will inject herself or someone else will do it for her.
-The exact name of the product is called Melanotan II. (Hill gives a summary of how the substance works on a chemical level, but basically the substance encourages the skin to make more of the pigment melanin when it interacts with the sun, which causes darker skin.)
-Melanotan I is prescription only and originally created for people with sun allergies, so they can go out into the sun without feeling physical pain.
-Both Melanotan I and II are illegal in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia.
-Hill obtained Melanotan II and used it for two weeks before making the video to report what she experienced.
-To get to KK's level of tan you need a high dosage depending on your starting point, which is not recommended.
-Claims there are no life threatening side effects when used at the recommended dosage. However nausea, heightened sex drive, and loss of appetite are side effects.

Following comments that doubted her, Hill responded, "Getting comments about opinions on what I’ve said Kim is using. I find it funny that people are chiming in as if this was my “speculating “ on what Kim is doing to get tan. Let me repeat; this isn’t speculative; this is as close to a first hand account as you’re going to get. I can’t reveal my source but have no doubt that I would NEVER bring this to you without a rock solid source."

source 1
source 2
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