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4D With Demi Lovato - Guest: JoJo

Demi Lovato's weekly podcast started out with more social activist types, but lately has featured entertainers like Drew Barrymore (my favorite so far), the awesome Jane Fonda, and ONTD fave Jameela Jamil. Last week they had on JoJo, and among many topics there was discussion on how pop girls of the 2000s were treated, specifically from JoJo's point of view. Interesting stuff. (Demi interviewed another JoJo (Siwa) this week, but I haven't listened to it yet.)

- JoJo introduced herself as Joanna
- Joanna talked about how she was talking to a friend who was also in the industry the other day and they both went through the same experience. Managers, agents, etc. pushing them to diet, to look like "the other girls" who were more successful. She went to nutritionists who gave her shots to help her lose weight. She was told the other girls "worked out 4 times a day, why aren't you doing that?"
- She talked about how she was afraid to have people watch her eat because they would know, esp. before like a video shoot because they'd say she was bloated from sodium.
- It took her a long time to be comfortable in her own skin, in her own body.
- Joanna stans "Barney" and has a dinosaur tattoo.
- She asked Demi how she was doing with recovery and Demi said that it really is a process, they recently had a set-back. They bought a scale because they were feeling invincible, like "I'm recovered," but it doesn't work that way.
- Joanna said it's what recovery is like. "You have to keep relearning the same things over and over again." Demi said they still have the scale but they haven't stepped on it. So it's baby steps.
- Joanna doesn't own a scale. She can't handle that.
- Demi and Joanna discussed the "Free JoJo" movement.
- They discuss the love of music, but hating the business side of it.
- Joanna's been a total fuck-up and a mess, but it's just never been caught on camera/video and she's so grateful for that!
- Joanna's talks about her musical influences.
- Demi's fangirling of Kelly Clarkson pops up. (Love to see it!)

There's lots more because it's 40 minutes long

Yes, Demi still has the atrocious haircut, and I have no clue what their doing with the tanning, natural or self-tanner, but whatevs, it's a good interview like most of them have been.

Source: Demi's YouTube channel
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