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The View: Dr Besser, Eric Adams, Connie Britton, Richard Branson, Sirisha Bandla, Jamie Lee Curtis

Panel varies with Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Biden is Big Mad About Voting Rights

Joy is out, Ana is here

After TX State Democrats all left TX on a private plan to prevent TX GQP from passing more voter restriction laws, Biden spoke publicly about the Big Lie being a Big Lie. The filibuster needs to go but doesn’t have the votes, but the fight for voter rights need to take place at the state level vs waiting on federal laws which will take time. Biden is using his platform to educate people who aren’t aware this is happening, so that people mobilize. There is legal action, there is legislative action and grassroots efforts to motivate voter turnout.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Olivia Rodrigo Promoting Covid Vaxx

Check the Olivia Rodrigo tag for all the posts. The panel thinks it’s a good idea to use her fanbase to encourage young people to get covid vaxx. Ana talks about the larger efforts of Biden admin for outreach to all demographics, and she’s had it with DeathSantis, who is encouraging people to NOT get vaxx and selling merchandise mocking the virus.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Sir Richard Branson and Sirisha Bandla

Virgin Galactic Richard Branson and Sirisha Bandla talk about their trip into orbit. They are both very squee about their journey. Sirisha talks about her tests while in orbit. Talks about the billionaires club of going to space, explains that airplane travel started the same way, plus he has a lottery space for $10 to general public. Says no rivalry with Bezos or Musk. He doesn’t like the word billionaire because he came from no money and contributes in other ways.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is promoting her two podcasts Good Friend and Letters From Camp and going to Venice Film Festival to screen latest Halloween Kills. She talks about >> covid inspiring podcast about good friends, which she picked up from a song, what she wants in a friendship, her other podcast is about summer camp, prompted by letter sent by her god-daughter 20 yrs ago, Harry Potter has a guest star role in S2, more about the next Halloween installment out 15th Oct, why it’s still appealing to audiences who like horror and good v evil.

JLC talks about her company My Hand in Yours which is a charity for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show RIP Youths of Tennessee

Tennessee covid official (a pediatrician) was fired over statewide vaccine guidelines for minors. The ban on any form of outreach and solicitation to get vaxx applies to ALL vaxx including flu, HPV, and of course covid. The GQP wants to kill it’s primary constituency, but innocent kids are getting caught in the crossfire. Kids require vaxx to start school in all states, so why should covid be any different. Sunny lawyersplains at what point should minors be allowed to make decisions for themselves, without parental consent. Some states allow kids over age 14 to decide for themselves. Vaxx isn’t prohibited but the TN Dept of Health can’t advocate for any inoculations. Joy – Let’s make measles great again. [Because that’s where we’re at with these people.]

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Oprah and Gayle Are Still Besties

Oprah and Gayle are still friends after 45 years. The panel talks about what they feel is needed in a bff. Me-again talks about her imaginary friends.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Eric Adams

Eric Adams was Brooklyn borough president and former NYPD captain. He is Dem candidate for NYC Mayor. He talks about >> what kind of friend he is (previous segment) then segues to why he’s best for NYC and his narrative. Stump speech talking points. Good points about Rikers Island. Education focus. Crime rate, and meeting with Biden. Police violence, his experience with police as a teen, his plans for police reform.

Whew, the ranked choice ballot counting for NYC Mayor candidate was a hot mess!

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Connie Britton

Connie Britton is promoting The White Lotus on HBO and the film Joe Bell. She talks about >> yesterday’s segment of women image shaming, says people comment they like that she’s ageing naturally which still feels like an insult because she hasn’t had plastic surgery but maybe they think she should. More about Joe Bell which is based on a true story about a father who does a cross country walk to raise awareness after /spoiler/. Talks about The White Lotus, and filming at the Four Seasons in Hawaii during pandemic. She also talks about being a single mom who adopted her son 10 years ago from Ethiopa, when he was 9 mos old, and how last year and BLM has affected her parenting of a Black son.

Hot Topic Monday Show Richard Branson Goes to Space

Sunny is out, Ana is here

Richard Branson of Virgin conglomerate sorta kinda went into space. Sara would prefer these billionaires to look after earthly problems, but likes the renewed interest for space travel. Joy lists all the inventions that resulted from space travel. She’d like some GQP ding dongs to go space forever. Skipped Me-again. Ana isn’t in to it. Her husband loves all space exploration. Whoopi says take a look at the rockets, that obviously look phallic. Lol for real.

Hot Topic Monday Show Free Cuba

The culture of Cuba is changing, with residents protesting for change and freedoms. Ana is passionate about it after their 62 year regime. Liked Biden’s remarks. Rage alert, Me-again is dumb. Joy visited Cuba during Obama era, wants the blockades to be lifted, compares the problems of Cuba to new voting restriction efforts in USA. Whoopi also wants blockades removed.

Hot Topic Monday Show Dr Richard Besser

Dr Richard Besser is President and CEO of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Former CDC Acting Director. He talks about the covid Delta variant. Get fully vaxxed as soon as you can, wear a mask in large crowds (or anywhere, if you feel more comfortable). Most USA hospitalizations and deaths are from un-vaccinated people. Israel is seeing breakthrough cases of Delta variant but -vaccinated- people are asymptomatic or symptoms so mild that doesn’t warrant doctor visit. Talks about possibility of boosters later this year. Big Pharma is planning for a booster in general, but CDC will see how cases track before making time-specific recommendations. Ana mentions CPAC (GQP conference) cheered that vaxx goals aren’t being met. [At this point, it’s Natural Selection, so if these fools still refuse…] Discussion about schools in the fall, re/mask recommendation. Clarifies CDC guidelines. Talks about vaxx for young children under 12.

Hot Topic Monday Show Body Shaming Valerie Bertinelli

CW body image
[Spoiler (click to open)] Valerie Bertinelli was on the OG One Day at a Time and was married to Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen. Plays clip. She’s 61 yrs old and has struggled with her weight her whole life, including being a spokeswoman for diet brand, and she’s upset that people shame her when she gains lbs. The whole panel sympathizes with her.

Ontd how long have you had your current bff

1-2 years
3-5 years
5-10 years
10-15 years
>> 20 years
Since almost birth
I don't have a bff
Ontd will be your bff you are loved here

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