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Naruto, My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon Stage Plays to Stream Internationally in Online Festival

Live Viewing Japan has announced that they plan to live stream three anime-inspired stage plays in a special new festival: Japan 2.5D Stage Play World: Anime, Manga & Game Theater Online Festival 2021!.

The streams will be available for viewers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Tickets are $15 each.

All three productions will be available with English subtitles--a rare occurance for Japanese stage plays based on anime/manga/video game productions. Each production will be live-streamed at specific times. Tickets, along with the specific schedule times, are available here.

The three plays that will be streamed are:

  • Live Spectacle Naruto (2015) [August 6th through August 12th]

  • My Hero Academia: The Ultra Stage (2019) [August 13th through August 19th]

  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: the Musical Nogizaki46 (2019 version) [August 20th through August 26th]

The festival has released three trailers:

Live Spectacle Naruto

My hero Academia: The Ultra Stage

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: the Musical Nogizaki46

source: info from the festival page, youtube: 1, 2, 3

Will you be watching, ONTD? Are there any anime/manga/video game inspired stage plays you've watched before?
Tags: anime / manga, broadway / theatre

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