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Connie Britton Opens Up About Raising A Black Son During A Time Of Racial Unrest

Britton adopted Eyob from Ethiopia in 2011 when he was just nine months old.

“Well, it’s been complicated and painful as I think it’s been for everybody, for different reasons and in different ways. For me, I am going through my own reckoning of the privilege that I’ve been raised with and grown up in, and have been able to create my life in. At the same time, I’m raising a Black boy in America and at the end of the day, he’s my son. I will fight to the end for him. And so we … for me, I have to learn as much as I can, educate him as much as I can about not only where he’s from and who he is. And we’ve done that from Day 1, but also help him understand what’s happening in the world.”

Tags: actor / actress, celebrity children / siblings, race / racism

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