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Jodie Turner-Smith Robbed at Cannes, Theft Includes Mother's Wedding Ring

On Friday, burglars broke into the actress’ room at the Marriott hotel on Croisette and stole jewels reportedly worth tens of thousands of euros, including her mother’s wedding ring. Turner-Smith wasn't in the room at the time, eating breakfast with her family, including her one-year old daughter.

Immediately following the incident, Turner-Smith was transported to Majestic Hotel and was assigned security detail to accompany her wherever she went. The extra security measure was taken due to Turner-Smith's daughter being with her.

According to Variety:

It’s believed Turner-Smith, who is in Cannes for the first time, may have been targeted after wearing gold and diamond jewelry from the Gucci High Jewelry line to the “After Yang” premiere on Thursday night. Although the jewelry was immediately taken back following the premiere, it’s believed the robbers may have broken into Turner-Smith’s room believing the items were still in her possession.

Jodie filed a police report, and since there was no forced entry of the hotel room’s door, which is opened using a key card, an investigation is underway.

Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, red carpet and event, theft

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