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OTND Original-Ranking the careers of the Twilight cast-post twilight

How long have you been on ONTD?
...a while.

Love it or hate it Twilight was a moment in time. It's been over ten years since the first movie came out and many of the actors are still very successful today.

Note-I will be keeping this list to the first movie and to the main characters. I did look at the imbds of smaller characters like Mike and Victoria, but their imbds were basically all the same, plenty of credits but nothing noteworthy.

11. Jackson Rathbone-He was a main Cullen character but I don't recognize any of the projects on his imbd post twilight.

10. Kellan Lutz-He got a fair bit of attention during his twilight days (even a Calvin Klein campaign) but his career peaked with the series.

9. Peter Facillini-He, like so many at the bottom of this list, has plenty of boring imbd credits post twilight, but again is anyone checking for him?? Not really.

8. Nikki Reed-Nikki had the exposure of being a main Cullen family member, but she wasn't able to translate that into lasting success. She has at least provided some ontd content with gossip about her marriage to Ian Somerhalder.

7. Ashley Greene-I feel like if she had landed some key projects after Twilight, Ashley could have been a star, but unfortunately her career faltered and never caught up again. She did have a blink and you'll miss it role in Bombshell! Hey, at least she was in a movie that actually played in theaters!

6. Elizabeth Reaser-The matriarch of the Cullen family was on a hit Netflix show (Haunting of Hill House) and also starred in Ouija: Origin of Evil. Another movie in theaters! She seems to suit spooky fare with that big pale face.

5. Christian Serratos-A small side character on twilight, I think she deserves to be on this list. Christian has done little to no movie work, but she's had a successful television career. She acted in over 100 episodes of the hit show The Walking Dead and starred in the original Netflix show "Selena: The Series."

4. Taylor Lautner-The handsome hunk seems to have retired? He doesn't have an imbd credit since 2018. He probably doesn't deserve to rank this high but he is still coasting off of his popularity from the series. He starred in tv shows such as Scream Queens and Cuckoo, and movies such as Tracers and The Ridiculous 6.


I think any of the top three could arguably be placed at #1 and I really struggled to rank them. I can't wait to hear what y'all think!

3. Anna Kendrick-The only Oscar nominated actress on this list, Anna Kendrick has had a flourishing career post twilight. I don't think anybody expected the Pitch Perfect movie to turn into a franchise, but she did star in three of them. She starred in an hbo max original series recently, and had a hit on her hands with A Simple Favor in 2018. As my sister once put it "I feel like that girl is in everything."

2. Kristen Stewart-Looking through her film resume, she really hasn't had many commercial hits after Twilight. But she is a critics and fashion darling.
1. Robert Pattison-It pains me to put a man in the #1 spot, but against all odds Robert Pattison has become an in demand Hollywood actor, he even scored the highly sought after role of Batman.

Who would you rank #1?
Source-google image and browsing imbd
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