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ONTD original - a discovery of Italian music, Festivalbar edition pt.1

Salve ONTD.

You might have heard that a certain italian band called Måneskin won the ESC this year and suddenly everyone seems set on learning the language and we all know that one of the best way to learn a new language is by consuming media and reccing italian musicians but from what I saw, most people are circling around the artists who participated at Eurovision in the past years, and there is nothing wrong with that, except that you are missing on songs that made the history of italian music, before it got drowned by all the reality talent shows.

I shall start what will be a series of posts about italian music, and since Summer has just started, I figured the best way would be to start with summer hits, or as italians call them, i tormentoni dell’estate and the best way to present you the tormentoni of the past is… THE FESTIVALBAR.

Quick history although ONTD doesn’t read: Festivalbar was a music event set in the summer, with various italian and international artists performing their summer hits around various squares across all of Italy (and sometimes near-by countries), which would later be aired on TV every week. At the end of the summer, during the big final (which was always held at the Arena of Verona), the winner was announced but because we were never really told what was the criteria for winning, we won’t be really discussing much that aspect. The event started back in 1964 with its highest peaks being probably in the late 90s/00s, in 2007 the event was organized for the very last time after which it was never held again for lack of funding.

And because I wrote enough already and you all will not be reading all of this, let’s start with the music, ok? For this first post, we shall discuss the category of GROUPS

883 - Tieni il Tempo

883 was originally a music duo: Max Pezzali was the vocalist and Mauro Repetto played the synchronizer, but honestly all I remember is him being there on stage and dancing. They exploded in the early 90s with the hit Hanno ucciso l’Uomo Ragno (no, google translate is not tricking you, the title really is They killed Spiderman). After their second album, Repetto left the duo, and Pezzali expanded the band with numerous other musicians and in 1995 they won the Festivalbar, with the song Tieni il Tempo from their third album (La Donna, Il Sogno e Il Grande Incubo which OP admits is her favorite album from the band). 883 released numerous albums with even more summer hits. In 2002 Pezzali decided to officially end the band and continued his career as a soloist but still releasing high charting songs.

Other hits: Nord Sud Ovest Est, Hanno ucciso l’Uomo Ragno, La regola dell’amico

Lùnapop - Resta Con Me

Ok, so, first thing first, I am totally biased because I love this band and honestly, I am still baffled by their career. Lùnapop straight up exploded in 1999 with their first single called 50 special, taken from their very first album ...Squérez? which ended up being the most sold italian album in the year 2000 and selling over 1 million copies in under 2 years. They performed on Festivalbar for three summers straight and each song was a summer hit. After releasing six hit songs from their first album… they split. The lead singer Cesare Cremonini went to become a huge solo vocalist and continued with his career. They won Festivalbar in 2000 with the song Qualcosa di Grande but the song above is Resta Sempre Con Me, which was their summer hit in 2001.

Other hits: 50 special, Un giorno migliore, Qualcosa di Grande

Articolo 31 - Domani Smetto

Articolo 31 became pretty much the synonym with italian hip hop in the 90s. A duo formed by J-Ax and DJ Jad, they started releasing songs in 1992, but their very first hit was Tranqi Funky released in 1996. At the beginning of the new millennium, their sound took a slightly more pop sound, adding more catchy choruses which guaranteed their singles to be a hit after hit. Domani Smetto was released in the winter of 2002, but it was still charting high throughout the summer and the song ended up selling over 100.000 copies, getting a platinum certificate. In 2006 the two started performing as soloist and with an exception for special occasions, they stopped performing as a duo.

Other hits: Tranqi Funky, L’Italiano Medio, Spirale Ovale

Paola e Chiara - Vamos a Bailar

I’m not going to lie, at first I wanted to save them for the female category but then I realized all the groups I had were formed by only men so, here I present you Paola e Chiara. Their career as a duo started with a bang when they won the award for Best New Artist at the Sanremo Festival in 1997, but their music beginnings started way before, in fact, if you look closely at the very first video in this post, you will notice that they were the back vocalist for 883. But their year of 1997 just kept going better, during the summer their second single Bella (written about their friend who was suffering from an eating disorder) charted high on the charts and they were also invited to record the italian version of I won’t say I’m in love from the Disney movie Hercules. The song above is taken from their 4th album which sold over 150 copies.

Other songs: Bella, Viva El Amor, Fino Alla Fine

Gemelli DiVersi - Mary

And as the final video, I present you Gemelli DiVersi, a pop rap band from Milano. The band was formed towards the late 90s with their first album being released in 1998 and selling over 130.000 copies. I could say they were sooo good Articolo 31 choose them as the opening act for their tour, but lbr, it is because one of the boys from GDV is the brother of J-Ax (but jokes aside, they had good songs, some of them sampling famous italian songs from other artists and they also ended up opening for Eros Ramazzotti). Despite their look screaming Jersey Shore, I want you to know that this song is about a girl who runs away from home after being the victim of abuse, which is why the band joined forces with Telefono Azzurro (an italian hotline for kids and youth) to help kids in difficult situations. Nowadays the band is still going on, although two of the members left. Wiki also just informed me that they were apparently the host of the italian Pimp My Ride.

Other songs: Un attimo ancora, Anima Gemella, Tu no

I guess this is the moment where I should point out that I am not italian but I just grew up watching italian tv and listening to italian music, so the opinions are all personal but because I am aware that not everyone has the same taste as me, I’m leaving you with some links to other groups with their tormentoni estivi that did not make the final cut.

Velvet - Boyband

Gazosa - www.mipiaci.tu

Le vibrazioni - Dedicato a te

Zero Assoluto - Sei parte di me

Finley - Diventerai una star

Negramaro - Estate

Negrita - Rotolando verso sud

Subsonica - Nuova Ossessione

Eiffel 65 - Viaggia insieme a me

Tiromancino - Per me è importante
Flaminio Maphia - Che idea!

And this is it for the first installment of this series of original posts. Shout out to t_snake for the help!

Obligatory disclaimer: for these three posts centred around the Festivalbar, I gave myself a few rules to follow:

  1. I ignored artists that are famous internationally hence why there is no Eros Ramazzotti although he did win the event a bunch of times

  2. I specifically searched for clips from the event, and some of the artists performed live while others in playback

  3. As I mentioned above, I am planning a series of posts about italian music, which is also why there will be a lack of rock artists, since I am keeping those names for a different post.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and my own memories
Tags: european celebrities, music / musician, ontd original

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