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HGTV Star Talks About Meeting New Boyfriend After Smoking A Toad

Christina Haack (formerly Anstead, formerly formerly El-Moussa) of HGTV's "Flip Or Flop" recently posted a photo to Instagram with new boyfriend, Josh something. In the post, she discusses how she met him shortly after smoking a toad.

In the caption, Christina says "I met Josh when I wasn’t in a state of fear or fight-or-flight … I had taken time off social, hired a spiritual coach and smoked a Bufo toad (which basically reset my brain and kicked out years of anxiety in 15 mins)." Christina announced her split from her second husband Ant Anstead late last year. (edit: apparently Ant's now dating Renee Zellweger. they were papped a few days ago) Her first husband was "Flip or Flop" costar Tarek El-Moussa, who is currently engaged to "Selling Sunset" star Heather Young. Christina has two kids with her ex Tarek and one with her ex Ant.

(A/N: OP thought "smoking toad" had something to do with shrooms (shrooms = mushrooms, mushrooms = toadstool, toadstool = toad) but nope, it's smoking toad venom.

The venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad is a controlled substance in the US. It is alleged to help with depression and stress.

source: insta

ontd, would you smoke toad venom?
also hope this one works, mods!
Tags: drugs / alcohol, reality show celebrity, slow news day, television - hgtv, true love / love is dead

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