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Family and Glee Cast Remember Naya Rivera 1 Year Later

Naya Rivera's mom Yolanda and sister Nickayla did an interview with Good Morning America on the anniversary of Naya's passing.

  • Yolanda said she was on FaceTime with Naya the day she went missing. She took FT screenshots of Josey which later helped the investigation. Yolanda noticed the water was looking choppy and told Naya to call her back when she'd get back on land.

  • Later that day, investigators arrived at Yolanda's home to inform her that Josey was ok but her daughter Naya was missing.

  • Yolanda would go to the lake every day from morning to sundown to be there for Naya except the last day because of the stress she was putting on her body. She decided to have Josey, Naya's son, over for pancakes and that's when they got the call that they had found Naya's body.

  • The family is touched by the overflowing support and kindness from the public, friends, family, and her Glee castmates.

  • They both praise Naya's impact on others when she played Santana Lopez on Glee.

  • They talk about how the grief is still difficult for their family and how they're all in therapy to cope with the trauma from this unfortunate event

  • Nickayla acknowledges that Josey requested that she'd move in with him and his father. She basically says when everything happened, it was clear to her what role she needed to take.

  • They talk about how they're "honest" with Josey and don't tiptoe around speaking about his mom. He has told them he misses his mom and he recalls their time together.

  • They also call Josey a boy version of his mom and he likes to entertain.

  • Heather Morris got a tattoo in memory of her Glee co-star and friend which quotes one of her last Instagram posts "tomorrow is not promised".

    Jenna Ushkowitz

    Kevin McHale

    Chris Colfer

    Iqbal Theba with Dot Marie Jones

    Amber Riley

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