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Chinese-Canadian 'actor and rapper' Kris Wu accused of allegedly targeting underaged girls

Kris Wu, an actor, solo artist, and former member of K-pop group EXO, has been accused by his rumoured ex-girlfriend, Du Meizhu, of targeting underaged girls. In her statement she claims to have learned that 30-year old Wu specifically targets girls born in 2000 and younger, including those prepping for the gaokao (which is the standardised college entrance exam in China, making the girls high-school aged). Du Meizhu herself would've been 18 at the time of the relationship.

In her statement she claims that Wu has a WeChat account used to specifically add girls who are underaged; she also alleges that he would use manipulative tactics like saying he's casting for his music videos or signing girls to his agency as excuses to meet up, and then proceed to get the girls drunk. She then claims there are others who are middlemen in this, who operate like pimps for Wu.

In the original Weibo post, she also attaches screenshots that allegedly show him messaging these girls including asking when they will get out of class and when they're taking the gaokao.

Wu's team has responded by saying that the accusations are untrue, and they will be taking legal action against her for spreading false rumours about the star.

For some background, in May of this year, 30-year old Wu was linked to Chen Ziyi, who was born in 2003 (he claimed it was a gathering of friends). He's also been previously linked to Xiao G Na, who was 19 whilst he was 25/26, and Qin Niu Zhengwei (Luna) a student and trainee who was 20/21 whilst Kris was 28.

Source: 1, 2, 3, original Weibo post
Tags: cpop / jpop / kpop, legal / lawsuit

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