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Dance Moms 10 year Anniversary: The Wildest Things to Happen on Dance Moms

Lifetime's reality masterpiece "Dance Moms" premiered ten years ago this week! As I personally find Dance Moms to be an underrated reality gem, I thought I'd make a post reliving some of the most insane moments in Dance Moms. (If you want to know what the girls are up to now, I made a post about that a few months ago!)

Yolanda Chokes Stacey

Honestly, I had peaced out at this point, due to only Nia and Kendall remaining from the cast of the early seasons. However, during the pandemic, while I was rewatching the entire show, this was easily one of the most entertaining scenes ever. Abby was in jail during this episode so LaurieAnn Gibson was filling in as coach. There was a dance planned to be about LGBTQ individuals and LaurieAnn decided the three youngest members of the team (Elliana, Lilliana, and Maesi) would sit out. Elliana's mom, Yolanda instructs Elliana to go tell LaurieAnn a story about a gay friend of hers so that she can be in the dance. Stacey overhears. Things escalate. Yolanda accuses a 7-year-old of bullying. Camille delivers one of the most relatable lines of the show. "I wanna go out there too [to see what's happening] but I'mma watch the kids." Yolanda has since been accused of child abuse, compares her 13-year-old to a lingerie model on Instagram, and was once called out by ABBY for being too harsh on her child. Yikes.

The Rosa Parks Incident

Abby was famous for her dances that had ~MESSAGES. In this episode, Abby plans a dance about Rosa Parks. Naturally, everyone assumes that the only black team member, Nia, would play the role of Rosa Parks in the dance. Abby even says in an interview that she plans to give it to Nia, but wants Nia to ~work for it. Jill sees a perfect opportunity for ~her little Kendall and attempts to go behind Holly and Nia's back to get Kendall the role of Rosa Parks. Abby is stunned. The other moms are also shocked. Kendall does not get the role. Nia does. Jill voted for Trump. Holly, Christi, Kelly, and Melissa did not.

Abby flips out on Jojo

Abby is unhappy with LGBTQ+ Icon Jojo Siwa for her performance in last week's competition. Jojo makes the mistake of snapping back. Abby goes on a rampage, telling Jojo "YOU DESERVE NOTHING." Jojo replies "Well, if you yell at me, I'm gonna cry." This makes Abby angrier.

Abby says something so mean about Chloe, that the editors edit it out and Chloe leaves the show.

Christi and Abby get into it at Nationals because Abby is yelling at Kendall for crying while simultaneously telling Kamryn it's ok to cry. It ends up in a fight where Abby yells at Christi "SHE (Chloe) NEEDS TO GET THAT EYE FIXED!" (Chloe had a medical condition in which one of her eyes was slightly lazy.) Chloe hears this from the next room. This version of events is validated by Christi, Chloe, members of the Dance Moms crew, and the other moms at the competition. However, in editing, they dubbed in Abby saying "YOUR KID IS WASHED UP!" instead. This ended up being the catalyst for Chloe and Christi to leave the show.

Kelly Vs. Abby

I'm truly shocked it took four seasons for someone to slap Abby. The girls themselves parodied this moment on TikTok last year.

Get your finger out of my face ##fyp ##foryoupage @kendallvertes @niasioux @paigehyland_3

♬ I MADE A REALLY POPULAR SOUND follow me aha - will haskett

Abby Calls Chloe A Sneak

Abby recently had Maddie perform a number as part of an episode of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva. She attempts to coerce Maddie into performing the number in front of everyone else in the competition dressing room. No one is to enthused by this idea, Maddie included. Christi and Kelly call out Abby for playing favorites and attempting to turn the girls against each other. Abby, ever the epitome of class, insults their kids, calling Chloe "a sneak" and claiming Brooke has no talent. Chloe runs into the hall in tears, followed by the other girls, including Paige, who can be seen mouthing "Shut up, Abby!" at 1:56.

Abby Cleans Out Her Purse And Gets Herself Arrested

Everyone shows up for dance practice, but Abby seems out of it and is more concerned with cleaning out her purse to find her earrings. Notice all the Australian money? This was a piece of evidence used in Abby's money laundering trial. OOPS.

Abby Zooms Away

Look, I'm not sure who any of these non-Abby people are. This was season 8. Abby is in an electric chair due to side effects from her treatments. She has her phone out at a competition and gets told off by one of the mothers. Instead of putting her phone away, she backs up in her wheelchair, leaves the auditorium, and heads down the street. To quote one of the cameramen following her: "She's zooming, dude!"

Kendall Screams at Ashlee

As insane as the moms could be, the girls themselves were usually quiet. In fact, all of the girls are still close to this day. However, this is one of the few times one of the girls actually blew up at one of the moms. Ashlee (Brynn's mom) has been needling Jill and Kendall for a few episodes now. Things come to a blow at pyramid when Ashlee claims that Brynn being better than Kendall is "all over social media". The other moms reassure Kendall that Ashlee is lying and the girls attempt to comfort a crying Kendall. However, Kendall has had enough, walks over to Ashlee and screams "WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN?!" in her face before leaving the room. The moms (minus Holly and Jessalyn) turn 12. The team doesn't practice that day.

(Also don't feel too bad for Ashlee and Brynn here either, they're anti-vax Trump-loving conspiracy theorists.)

Abby Almost Drops A Chair On Paige

OP has no comments on this one, but wonders just how much Kelly and Christi ended up having to pay to get out of their Lifetime contracts early. Worth every penny.

Abby Insults A Child's Appearance (Again)

There's a cake with Abby's face on it. Abby tells a dancer from her rival studio to "get those ears fixed" and leaves the room. Even Melissa doesn't bother defending Abby's comments and instead comforts the dancer. Jill, tho.

what are your favorite dance moms moments, ontd?

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