mrs chanandler bong (partyonyourhead) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
mrs chanandler bong

Olivia Rodrigo gets accused of queerbaiting by BTS stan/potential troll?

Two days ago, one of Pop Queen Olivia Rodrigo's BFFS, Iris Apatow, posted some photos of the pair on her Instagram page.

Some people (one particular army) have taken to Twitter to accuse the pop star of queerbaiting.

Naturally, everyone on Twitter is having a field day with these tweets, from Olivia stans to actual sane armies calling out the absolute insanity. There are three main debates taking place:

1. Is this person serious or trolling?
2. Is this actually queerbaiting or not?
3. Is the real issue here the sexualization of two girls who are barely 18?

OP would like someone to remind them of the Lilo/Lachey Knife PicsCollapse )

sources: 1 2 3 4

ontd do you think this is queerbaiting?
and is this person serious or trolling?
Tags: celebrity social media, olivia rodrigo

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