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Jessi Smiles: Gabbie Hanna will never stop.

(content warning for talk about sexual assault in the video)

by popular demand; a Gabbie Hanna post

Gabbie is a youtube personality/wannabe singer who recently made headlines for being a horrible human being

Gabbie started a video series , ‘Confessions of a Washed-Up YouTube HasBeen’ (5 videos and ongoing) where she goes after every person she thinks did her wrong.

the Jessi drama:

this has been going on for years now, but long story short: Jessi and Gabbie used to friends, Jessie got raped by her bf at the time, Gabbie sided with the rapist. Jessi just wants to move on at this point but Gabbie brings it up again and again and somehow she is the wronged party here

Jessi and Gabbie weren't friends when Jessi was raped. Gabbie did pull the whole ~hearing both sides called it "rape drama" as to why she didn't want to be involved.. Jessi and Gabbie met after, became friends, roommates, bc it seemed like Jessi was so used to being shit on bc of calling out her rapist that she is willing to forgive people who 'didnt know better'. Then Jessi said she realized how toxic the friendship was and pulled away and told her she didnt want to be friends anymore. Then Gabbie went off the deep-end(further) and tried to fuck another of her exes, collab with her rapist, etc etc etc.. (credit weighty_ghost)

the Escape The Night drama:

Escape The Night was a scripted Youtube series with a ton of youtube stars in it. Gabbi thinks everyone on set was awful to her and triggered her eating disorder by not having healthy food on set

everyone, and i mean everyone, involved with the show came out and said she was a horror on set and that there was plenty healthy food

there are also side dramas with Trisha Paytas and Angelika Oles i don't really understand enough to write about

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