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Next Assassin's Creed to be massive years-long online game

Ubisoft announced today its next Assassin's Creed: Infinity.

The game is set to be a massive online platform that will evolve over time. Instead of one historical setting, there will be multiple, added as the months and years post-release go by. Each setting is set to look and feel different from the others.

Ubisoft is looking to mimic the success of GTA V's online mode, a game thats 8 years old and still as popular as ever.

Last year the studio faced allegations of widespread sexual misconduct that lead to studio heads and the CCO leaving and a reorganization of the company occurring. But others who had allegations against them still remain, leaving many dissatisfied of the way executives have handled things. Ubisoft is also unifying its Montreal and Quebec teams to work on the game, and Bloomberg reports that the two have a pretty nasty rivalry between them.

The game has no release date but is "years away" from release.

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