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Superman and Jimmy Olsen cameo in the latest 'SPACE JAM' clip.

- Lebron and Bugs visit the DC world in the latest 'SPACE JAM' clip and animated Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen can be seen in the brief clip.
- In case you don't know, a good chunk of the movie is about Lebron and the Looney Tunes visiting parts of the Warner Bros universe: Daffy is in DC World and he has replaced Superman. Granny and Speedy Gonzales are in Matrix world, The roadrunner and Coyote are in Mad Max World and Elmer Fudd is in Austin Powers World.
- We know they also visit Game of Thrones world, Harry Potter world. Gone with the Wind World and Hanna Barbera world.
- Space Jam opens July 16 on HBO Max.

Source: 1, 2
Tags: dc comics, harry potter, warner bros

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