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ONTD Original-Ranking the careers of the OG Gossip Girl cast post G.G


With the new season premiering later this week, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the acting careers of the Gossip Girl cast post show.

Who I include in the ranking is my decision and I am not open to questions (sorry Hilary Duff and Aaron Tveit. You too Katie Cassidy.)

Disqualified-Ed Westwick has had horrible accusations towards him, I don't feel comfortable including him in the list. Taylor Momsen is also disqualified as she retired from acting after gossip girl and is focused on her music career.

13. Matthew Settle-Lonely boy's father hasn't had an acting credit since 2017.

12. Michele Trachtenberg-Little Harriet hasn't had an acting credit since 2018 :"(

11. Amanda Setton (brunette Blair minion)-Amanda had a decent sized role on the Robin Williams show "The Crazy Ones" and I thought hmm maybe she will have some success! But no she has done little since and is on a soap now, but good for her she can make a living off that.

10. Dreama Walker(blonde Blair minion)-Dreama ranks so low to me because of failed potential. She co-starred in the hilarious and underrated "Don't Trust The B in Apartment 23" and got critical acclaim for the movie "Compliance" but has done little since. Don't forget her blink and you'll miss it cameo in the first Sex and The City movie.

9. Connor Paolo-The actor who played Serena's little brother allegedly quit the show to go be in "Revenge" instead. But it was Gossip Girl who got her sweet revenge as he remains a nobody.

8. Jessica Szohr-While looking at her imbd for this post I realized she has had more television work than I realized, but initially she was going to be my last place. I think it's because her TINY TINY role in the movie Tower Heist is burned into my mind, I saw it in theaters and was bemused at how a prominent character on gossip girl had such a throwaway role in a movie that could have been played by an extra.

7. Kelly Rutherfold-Serena's mom is more known for her legal problems than her career at this point, but she has been acting consistantly since Gossip Girl ended.

- - -
6. Chace Crawford-Wet towel Nate would be much lower, but he lucked into the hit Amazon show "The Boys."

5. Leighton Meester-A longtime ontd fave, I know I'm not the only one who thinks Leighton deserves the #1 spot on this list. Unfortuntely her career does not agree. She has not managed to find a role that showcases her the way Blair Waldorf did. She did a lesbian movie called "Life Partners" that has a small but loyal fanbase, and is currently on the show "Single Parents. *Correction, single parents has been cancelled. She is currently filming a movie in Croatia.

4. Penn Bagdley-Penn is proof that you're one hit away from relevancy + the power of netflix. Penn stared in a Lifetime show called "You" which got little attention until Netflix started streaming it and it was then an overnight hit.

3. Sebastion Stan-He might be Bucky to you but to me he'll always be the boy from gossip girl. Sebastion got in with Marvel and as such has acted in several huge hit movies and a successful Disney+ tv show.

2. Kristen Bell-The voice of gossip girl herself is a main character in the mega disney franchise "Frozen" and also had another hit tv show with "The Good Place." She is retuning to the new gossip girl as well.

1. Blake Lively-Call it luck but Serenea herself has starred in multiple successful movies including A Simple Favor, The Shallows, and Age of Adelaine. She's had her flops too (The Ryhthm Section...) but at this point she remains the most successful gossip girl actor.

So ontd, do you agree? You know you love me. Xoxo.

Here's a gif of Sam Page (gossip girl alum) because he's so hot.190b8455f967e785934e0aa186a8678f.gif

Source-google images for gifs, imbd to review their resumes
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