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Drama Queens episode 2: Kissing is Gross

- Their favourite moments from the episode were the 'Your art matters' scene, and Karen's 'that place has seen too much' line.
- Hilarie felt awkward about her first make out scene with James due to the age gap (she was 21, and he was 17), and the fact that neither of them had kissed on-screen before. She realised how young he was after the director yelled cut, and James said 'Ssorg', which is 'Gross' backwards.
- Sophia was told from day one that Lucas/Peyton were endgame, where as Hilarie was told that Jake/Peyton were endgame in season 2.
- They originally wanted Chad to play Nathan, but he wanted to do something different. Said that James was a 'sensitive soul' in real life, so it was interesting to watch him play the bad guy. Hilarie also praised Chad for not being afraid to be vulnerable on-screen.
- Brooke's growth was largely down to Sophia fighting with the writers all the time, and them agreeing to make Brooke more like Sophia was in real life.
- They all gushed about Bryan Greenberg again. Sophia mentioned that they felt things would've been better behind the scenes if he had stayed on the show.
- Sophia talked about an experience where an actor on the show bit her once because 'he was trying to be sexy'. (People seem to think its either Michael Copon, who played Felix, or Rey Valentin, who played Mr Chavez)
- This weeks high school superlative was 'Most likely to go on The Bachelor'. They said Deb or Rachel.

Tags: nostalgia, podcasts, sophia bush, warner bros

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