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WandaVision and Whitewashing - an analysis on the erasure of Scaret Witch's Roma heritage

Happy July 5th! It's been several months since the end of the critically acclaimed Marvel show WandaVision, which focuses on former background character Wanda Maximoff (played by Elizabeth Olsen)  and a living Bluetooth system played by noted Johnny Debt stan P*ul B*ttany. However, the show AND Marvel's portrayal of Scarlet Witch has not gone without it's criticisms, the biggest of which is the whitewashing of Wanda Maximoff's Romani background. With the MCU trying to make the character similar to the comics, there have been some attempts to... address? the character's canon ethnicity, with Bad Results.

In this video, YouTuber and Wanda enthusiast Erik Ojo analyzes the history of Scarlet Witch's background in the comics, the general treatment of the Romani both on screen AND off and how it circles back to Wanda in the comics, the whitewashing and racist commentary from the cast of WandaVision (mostly from ONTD's fave Lizzie Olsen) and the relatively antiBlack treatment of Monica Rambeau, one of the few Black female characters to have a major role in an MCU project. All with captions!

Consider this a bonus part to the "Romani things you should know" series! It's not my content but Erik touches on all the problems many Romani have with the MCU rendition of Scarlet Witch, and I've been asked in the past if I'd ever do a post about it. So here you go!


Check out the description of the video as well, there are links to numerous Romani charities to donate to!
Tags: elizabeth olsen, marvel, race / racism

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