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ONTD Original: Pop stars in long-term relationships

The celebrity world is not known for long-term relationships, especially for pop singers. But if you are dreaming about spending the rest of your life with a pop artist I'm here to give you some hope! Check out some long lasting couples (can't say they are happy tho).

Elton John (74)  And David Furnish (58) - 27 years together

They met in a dinner at Elton's house, got married in 2005 and had two babies.

Victoria Beckham (47) and David Beckham (46) - 24 years together

They met at a soccer game, got married and had four children.

Beyoncé (39) and Jay-Z (51) - 20 years

Officially, they are dating since 2001 and got married in 2008, they have 3 kids.

Bruno Mars (35) and Jessica Caban (39) - 9 years

They are officially together since 2012. The model is apparently the muse behind "Locked Out Of Heaven" and is on the single cover.

Ciara (35) and Russel Wilson (32) -  6 years

Ciara and Russel began dating in 2015 and famously did not have sex until marriage in 2016.

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ONTD, which pop singer would you date?

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