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ONTD Original: Fashion Icon or Fashion Flop? Lewis Hamilton 2021 Edition

Some of you may have noticed the increased Formula 1 posts/comments by a few of us on this site. I know many of you could not give a singular flying fuck about motorsports and that's okay! So I thought I would make a post to unite us all and appeal to those of us who are following the F1 season on ONTD and those of us who are not.

It's a fashion post!

Sir Lewis Hamilton (yes, he's been knighted) is currently 7 time world driver's champion in Formula 1 and one of the greatest drivers the sport has ever seen. However, he has interests outside of the motorsports realm and those interests include fashion. He's previously teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to launch his own collections under the name TOMMYXLEWIS and was one of several celebrity investors to buy W magazine after the fashion magazine struggled with a shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. He attends the Met Gala, he's often touted as the best dressed in Formula 1, and he's regularly featured on the cover of fashion magazines. he stylish? Because he's been involved in the fashion scene for so long, I've decided to focus solely on his outfits this year. And even still, this is only a small select few.

Let's explore some looks:

Exhibit A:

Here he is today showing up for Media Day ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend.

T-shirt: $1,520.00 CAD "Sea Maiden Print Sheer Jersey T-shirt" from Burberry

Pants: $1,150.00 CAD "Mohair Wool Wide-leg Trousers" from Burberry

Shoes: Unable to identify (let me know in the comments if you recognize any of the unidentified fashion posted here! I think they look like Bottega Venetta Lug Boots but I'm not 100%)

Here's the full outfit, swipe to the last picture:

Exhibit B:

Here he is at the French Grand Prix with an ACTUAL CONFIRMED style icon - his dog Roscoe.

Shirt: $1,680.00 CAD Shirt from Bottega Veneta

Sweater: $1,860.00 CAD Sweater from Bottega Veneta

Shorts: $3,350.00 CAD Shorts from Bottega Veneta

Shoes: $1,490.00 CAD Tire Boots from Bottega Veneta

Exhibit C:

A casual look from the Austrian Grand Prix Press Conference earlier today.

Shirt: $82.50 CAD 2021 Team T-Shirt from Mercedes

Shoes: $1,650.00 CAD Trainer Sneaker in Yellow from Louis Vuitton

Pants: Unidentified! The gif is potato quality so here are some photos and the link to the video for a better look:

Exhibit D:

A black, floral, breezy look from last week.

Shirt: Originally €3,500.00 but now on sale for the low low price of €2,450.00 Macramé Lace Shirt With Flower Appliqués from Valentino

Shorts: €1,113.00 Macramé Lace Bermudas from Valentino

Shoes: Unidentified!

Exhibit E:

Hot Feet Summer?

Shorts: $1,150.00 CAD Mermaid Print Silk Twill Shorts from Burberry

Shirt: The shirt is also Burberry but I can't actually find the exact one on their website. Perhaps it's a glitch with their Canadian store. There are pictures of it around - but I can't actually find the item, even when I search "Mermaid" which is part of the collection it belongs to. You can see it in the shorts link above, as well as a longer sleeved version on their site.

Shoes: These are likely Men's Metal Cap-Toe Leather Chelsea Boots from Alexander McQueen Shout out to pinkkchocolate for helping me identify these!!

Exhibit F:

Shirt: $435.00 CAD Purple Denim Shirt from Heron Preston

Shorts: Heron Preston Tie-Dye Denim Shorts (Sold Out on their Website)

Shoes: $1,750.00 CAD B23 Dior And Kenny Scharf High-Top sneaker

Exhibit G

Tracksuit: Lacoste

Shoes: Unidentified

Sunglasses: Unidentified

(I am le tired, fashion ONTD help me out!)

Exhibit Hamilton

Denim on Denim - it's not a crime if it's Versace.

Shoes: $1,100.00 CAD Trigreca Sneakers from Versace

So, ONTD - Is Sir Lewis Hamilton a knight of the fashion Round Table? Or is he looking like more of a court jester?

What do you think?

Fashion Icon
Fashion Flop
I'm Too Poor For This / I Hate Fashion
Bono, My Tyres Are Gone

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