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Dress Like a Rock of Love Contestant This Summer

It's a hot girl summer, so you know what that means -- time to slut it up in some Rock of Love looks. Or, apparently, that's what wants you to do!

2000s nostalgia is already in full swing, so why not? Here are Jezebel's tips for dressing like a Rock of Love girl this summer.

I am not suggesting that you literally attempt to replicate with forensic accuracy the actual outfits from Rock of Love.

Bandage dresses and Pleasers-adjacent round-toed platform stilettos are not practical for anyone

That said, a lot of the questionable dress decisions made by these women for the final ceremony are sort of back in style now, as a result of the youth’s obsession with Y2K’s worst trends

The children are out here in low-rise jeans that are “vintage” True Religion and wearing scarves as bandeau tops, dressed as if they are headed to the main living space of the Rock of Love house to drink wine coolers from plastic cups, smoke Parliament Lights out by the pool, and yell at each other about who deserves a chance at love with Brett Michaels, if anyone does at all.

The women of Rock of Love possessed a heady combination of delusion and self-confidence that allowed them to fully inhabit their clothing choices without giving a shit.

are u gonna dress like a Rock of Love contestant this summer?

Yes, this is making me want to put on some leather booty shorts and an Ed Hardy tee
I am literally already wearing flared light-wash jeans and a leather bikini top
No but I will dress in the spirit of them by wearing cute yet slutty stuff
I would rather light my entire body on fire.

Remember Jezebel? They're still around, persistently being gossipy overly woke yet problematic trolls, just like ONTD.

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Posts from This Сommunity “reality show - vh1” Tag