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ONTD Original: Some of my favourite Kpop concerts in Japan

Japan has an amazing concert culture, and kpop groups have been performing concerts in Japan since BoA brought the hallyu wave to Japan. So, here are some of the Japan concerts of kpop groups, that I enjoy a lot.


If your favourite kpop group has a lucrative career in Japan, you are obligated to stream all BoA songs :P
On a serious note, BoA is the one who brought hallyu wave to Japan, and following her success with her debut Japanese album, Listen to my heart, soon other kpop groups and soloists started releasing music in Japan.

One of the best live performers in kpop ever. My favourite concert from her is The Face 08 live, in 2008.

Playlist of the concert:


Rain became the first Korean artist to ever perform in Tokyo Dome, in 2007, when he performed at Tokyo Dome, as part of his Rain's coming World tour. One of the best kpop performers, he gives his all in his performances, and still has the moves even at 39. I sometimes get second hand embarrassment watching his old performances :P, but never mind that, he gives it his all

Full Tokyo dome concert:

TVXQ/Tohoshinki (as they are known in Japan):

One of the most successful kpop groups in Japan ever. Their achievements in Japan are numerous, few being, the first kpop group to perform at Tokyo dome (in 2009), first kpop group to have 5 dome tour (they have now held 4 5-dome tours, only kpop group with this achievement), first kpop group to perform at a Japan stadium (Nissan stadium in 2013) and the first kpop group to perform at Nissan stadium twice (2nd one in 2018). My favourite concert from them was their Nissan concert in 2018

Full Nissan 2018 playlist:

Bonus: Changmin performing a cover of X-Japan's "Forever love" at Nissan 2018:


KARA enjoyed considerable success in Japan, and at their peak, was one of the top female kpop acts in Japan. In 2013, they became the first female kpop act to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome, where they performed as part of the Karasia Tour.

Full Tokyo Dome concert:


Goo Hara performing a cover of Mika Nakashima's "Glamorous Sky" in Karasia 2013, in Japan


2PM had a stable presence in Japan all through the years. After TVXQ and KARA, 2PM was one of the first kpop groups to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome, where they performed in Apr-2013, as part of their Legend of 2PM tour. I enjoyed their Galaxy of 2PM Japan tour in 2016, especially their Tokyo dome performances

Full playlist of their 2016 Tokyo Dome (embedding is not working :-( ):

Taecyeon performing "It's only you" at their 2014 Japan Arena Tour, "Genesis of 2PM"


Before their burgeoning rise was cut short, T-ara, had debuted in Japan with their Japanese debut single "Bo peep bo peep", which peaked at #1 on Oricon's weekly singles chart. T-ara were the first non Japanese girl group to rank at #1 for a debut single in Oricon history. They held their first Japan tour in 2012, where they performed at Nippon Budokan, where multiple big rock acts have performed.

Full Budokan concert 2012:

First time doing an original and such a detailed post, please enjoy all the amazing performances

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