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Like an unmade bed.

The mystery celebrity on the shower curtain now has a subreddit devoted to them

If this celebrity's identity still haunts you like it haunts me, then you probably check back on the original Reddit post once in awhile to see if they solved it. Well, they haven't. But someone created a subreddit to find the celebrity's identity!

r/celebritynumbersix posts the basics, as well as the original (but now deleted) ONTD post that introduced us to this mystery! The subreddit name is derived from the 6 celebrities on the shower curtain; the other 5 identities have all been solved.

Who is this?? To recap:
-The photo is likely from 2000-2008
-The person is an actor/actress
-If it's not a female, it's a clean-shaven male
-You must find the exact photo this references. The ear, the hair, the shirt... they all need to match!
-Evangeline Lily is a popular guess but no photo has been found to match.

Really hope this mystery goes viral so we can finally get an answer.

Source - The new subreddit / The original Reddit post + me snooping around on the internet
Tags: 2000s, actor / actress, what is the truth

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