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The View: Bernie Sanders, Liz Day, Leslie Odom Jr, Hot Topics

Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

Whoopi has been out since Tuesday for sciatica issue

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Thursday Show Britney Testimony Reaction

Short version, the whole panel is in Britney's corner >>
Me-again feels it’s human trafficking, thinks FBI should be involved. She excitedly talks on and on and on, but she’s on Britney’s side. Sara talks about the documentary, is concerned that mental illness has been weaponized against her, the docu noted that people rarely get out of a conservatorship. Sunny talks about the legal aspect, 1-over person and 2-over estate, but she has both types. Having one over estate is more common if they aren’t financially savvy enough to manage professional affairs, but the one over her person is at egregious levels and normally for someone with dementia etc. Has to question if we know everything, since a judge agreed for the personal conservatorship back in 2008, but that was 13 years ago and do those same conditions still exist. Ana echos what Sunny brought up and hopes CA Attorney General takes up case, feels it’s very sad for her.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Liz Day

@NYT Senior Story Editor Liz Day and co-creator of the documentary Framing Britney Spears talks about >> the most notable revelation was that Britney didn’t know she could ask to end it, the misconceptions that she discovered while researching the documentary, the laws-rules with conservators that can play out differently behind closed doors, whether her father started out with good intentions but now has a conflict of interest because he receives moneys for his role, it was revealed after break in testimony that future proceedings will be sealed to the public, other records that remain sealed that might shed light on background, history, and future of the conservatorship. Documentary is still on Hulu.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Gen Milley Defends Critical Race Theory

Plays clip. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley speaks out in support of studying Critical Race Theory. Meanwhile sex pest Matt Gaetz rolled his eyes and shook his head, and other GQP have called into question Milley’s patriotism and competence. Sunny hates how this is a manufactured issue, because it’s not even taught in public schools. Then calls out the creator of this false narrative. She’s livid. Ana is mad at the hypocrisy of GQP supporting Juneteenth but weaponizing Critical Race Theory, then goes off on Gaetz. Sara feels it’s important to have knowledge of these issues. Skipped Me-again.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Leslie Odom Jr

Recorded earlier with Whoopi on panel

Leslie Odom Jr is promoting his new song Second Chance which was inspired by his father in law. He talks about Broadway re-opening, his new baby, being a part of iHeartRadio benefit for Pulse victims, being in Sopranos pre-quel and the plot summary, goes back to new song -working with Bayer to support heart attack survivors, advice his FIL gave him that he cherishes.


Hot Topic Wednesday Show High Crimes and Guns

Due to MAGA loons, the Black community wants to exercise their 2nd amendment rights to protect themselves. Sunny points out when the Black Planthers started open carry, white politicians decided gun control was warranted. Me-again talks about MyFamily™. Joy says defunding police hasn’t actually happened. Ana thinks the pandemic lockdown has given both a false sense of calm plus a lot of pent up rage now that society is getting back to normal. Joy says murder rate and hate crimes spiked during T45, partially as a result of his inciting fear and anger, and also his criminal enterprise admin showed it was ok to be a criminal. Sara quotes some more statistics.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show US Vaxx Goals

Biden goals for July 4th will fall short but individual components by age group and demographic continue to improve. Ana says it’s driven mainly by T45 followers still holding out and wanting Biden to fail at the goal. Philippines is mandating all citizens be vaxx. Sara feels federal government should stay out of it but private businesses will have their own requirements. She thinks more people will get vaxx once it’s been fully approved (not just emergency approved). Sunny thinks there is some limited legal precedence at state and municipal level. Goes back to employer requirements. States with lowest vaxx rate are super red states. Skipped Meghan.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) talks about >> voting rights and the bill being struck down by GQP, the filibuster, $6T infrastructure bill (talking points, compromise, and price tag), the Israel-Palestine conflict

Then he talks about >> sensible gun safety legislation, Me-again calls him the Godfather of The Squad rme, lol he schools her

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Finding Spouse on Dating App

But how would you know unless you’re ALSO on the same dating app? Sunny the jealous one goes IN! Panel is also asked if they'd tell their friends if they saw the friend's s/o on app. Sunny would tell friend. Me-again talks about fake work acquaintance. Joy says they might be in a throuple. Sara wouldn’t for an acquaintance but she would throw hands for a close friend. Ana is on fire, and offers witness protection for Sunny’s husband.

Ontd have you caught someone on a dating app when they claimed to be in exclusive relationship?

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