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The Encore: S1 Ep3 "Do the Record"!

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-A recap of The Encore in gifs. The Encore documents former girl group members as they get ready for showcase and a second chance.

-Spoilers below.

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[Spoiler (click to open)]

The woman begin recording, but Misha gets performance anxiety

gif (23).gif

The other woman bond over the session

gif (19).gif

Pam does not want to sing the word Hoe and the woman wonder how to fit all the vocals on a song

gif (26).gif

A twin ( I can never tell twins apart) Makes her feelings known about certain vocals

gif (27).gif

gif (25).gif

Misha joking about the "Everybody can't sing that song" line

gif (29).gif

A new Queen is crowned

gif (24).gif

At dinner Misha speaks out about feeling as if she is not being accepted by the group. The twins feel attacked and say they are the ones doing everything. Misha skips the confessional and speaks her mind to the bedroom camera

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