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Loki episode 3 addresses his sexuality

[Spoiler (click to open)]

In a scene from the episode (see screenshots above), it was confirmed that Loki has had relationships with both men and women. Soon after the episode dropped on Disney+, director Kate Herron confirmed that the character is bisexual.

[episode 3 recap]
Loki and The Variant (who calls her self "Sylvie) find themselves on Lamentis-1 after the escape from the TVA. Lamentis-1 is about to be destroyed in 12 hours.
With the TemPad (the tablet the TVA use to make portals and shit) out of charge, they spend much of the episode trying to get it charged which requires massive amounts of energy.
The hop aboard an ark which is to take a few select inhabitants of the planet but get caiugh after Loki gets drunk.
After getting booted of the ark, they find that during the fight the TemPad got destroyed.
The ark was never supposed to leave the planet in the sacred timeline but Loki tells Sylvie that they can board it again and make sure it takes off.
As they both try to get on board the ark again, it gets destroyed. Loki and Sylvie now seem to have no way of the soon to be destroyed planet. End of episode


beware of episode 3 spoilers inside.
Tags: lgbtq film / media, marvel, tom hiddleston

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