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ONTD Original: 4 Afro colombian artists you should check out !

Latin-America has many black artists that people sleep on, either for the obvious reasons (racism and xenophobia) or because some people simply don't know about them , so in this post I wanted to talk about afro-colombian artists that you definitely should check out


ChocQuibTown is a group made by Gloria Emilse Martínez Perea (known as Goyo) , her husband Carlos Yahanny Valencia Ortiz (known as Tostao) and her brother Miguel Andrés Martínez Perea (known as Slow Mike) , the name of the group comes from Chocó (the department they are from, that has a huge black population) , Quibdó, the capital of Chocó and the word Town.

They have made songs in several genres like: hip hop, latin pop, latin jazz, salsa, reggaeton, etc, and they have many great songs but my favorite one is Salsa & Choke :

Other songs by them: Cuando Te Veo, De donde Vengo Yo, Nuquí, Somos Pacífico, Pa' Olvidarte, Que me Baile (ft Becky G)

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Herencia de Timbiquí

Herencia de Timbiquí is a group made by 11 members (Wilian Angulo, Begner Vásquez , Etiel Alegría , Pablo Mancilla ,Enrique Riascos , Julio Mancilla , Carlos Galvez , Julio Sánchez,
Javier "NEWI" Rosero ,Álvaro Martinez , Jhojan Olave ,Omar Trujillo ) all of them from Timbiquí - Cauca and all of them of african descent. In regards to Herencia’s sound, group member Begner Vasquez says a song is never complete without the use of the marimba, the cununos, the guasa and a good guitar riff.

One of their best songs is La Vamo a Tumba :

Other songs : Sabrás, Te invito, Volver a vivir, Coca por Coco, Amanece, Vive a tu Manera.

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Joe Arroyo

Álvaro José Arroyo González (artistic name Joe Arroyo) is salsa royalty in Colombia and one of the most popular and iconic singers, composers and performers in the history of the country , his songs are still big hits in all parties, clubs, and everywhere in the country.

His most known song is "Rebelión" a song about a slaved couple in colonial Cartagena de Indias (where he was born)

Other songs : Tania, La Noche, Tal Para cual, Noche de Arreboles, El Ausente, Echao Pa Lante.

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Grupo Niche:

Emblematic salsa group Grupo Niche was founded by black musicians Jairo Varela and Alexis Lozano in Cali (colombia's capital of salsa) in the year of 1979 . At the time they helped to spread salsa in the country and made it super popular and through this day they still enjoy popularity, with their songs played in clubs, parties, and are still invited to different festivals, they even won a grammy this year.

Their most popular song is Cali Pachanguero:

Other songs: Una Aventura, Sin Sentimiento, Gotas de Lluvia, Busca por Dentro, Un alto en el camino.

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This post is about black colombian artists but if you want to talk about black musicians from other latin-american countries you can !!
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