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ONTD Original: Japanese releases by Kpop Artists

Japan is one of the biggest music markets in the world and many kpop groups try to break into that market , it is normal to make japanese releases of their korean songs but many also make japanese original music , these songs are just some examples of those but there are many more groups and good songs you should listen to:

SHINee- Get The Treasure:

SHINee has many great japanese releases, their japanese discography is very good (especially considering some kpop groups don't actually try) so this was a bit hard to choose, but Get The Treasure is my favorite because the song is very catchy, the MV is so cool, all of them look great and as usual with SHINee: vocals and great choreography.

EXO: Electric Kiss

EXO has great korean discography but sadly their japanese one pales in comparison, good thing is that this song is pretty good, fun upbeat song with intensive and interesting choreography , they look handsome and they never were more synchronized! The MV is cool too, it has several visually stunning moments.

Full live version here

TWICE: Breakthrough

Japanese/Korean super girl group Twice has many japanese releases and the ones I've heard are fantastic but this one is my favorite because it has everything: Catchy upbeat song, Intense and fun choreography, the members look gorgeous, the MV is very bright and fun, it has been on repeat.

SNSD: Galaxy SuperNova

Iconic and legendary group SNSD has many good songs, including their japanese ones (I'm not a SONE but I've read that many fans even like their japanese releases more than the korean ones) and this one is not an exception, from the few songs I heard this one is my favorite.

BTS: Lights

I'm not a fan so I'm not that familiar with their japanese discography, but I couldn't let the biggest kpop group out of this list so I asked a friend to help me with this entry and she picked this song because it's a sweet, nice , cute and very chill bop.

Taemin: Sayonara Hitori

Best kpop soloist Lee Taemin has one of the best discographies in kpop and his japanese releases aren't less than his korean ones , this one is a bit different than what we are used from him (songs like Want, Move, Criminal) but it's still a stand out, the choreography isn't as intense as his usual either but great nonetheless and the MV is visually fantastic.

Red Velvet: Cookie Jar

I was surprised with this song, is right up my alley, pretty fun, catchy, the members look beautiful, the choreography is very fun too, it's a bop !

Cowboy - f(x)

I had a rule about not using b-sides but sadly f(x) doesn't actually have an original japanese discography and considering this song I know they would have killed it, I'm biased here because I'm almost a fan but I like it so much, it has everything that I like about them: fun experimental songs, great vocals, extremely catchy, this group deserved so much better.

Memorable mentions:

After School - Heaven
BoA - Valenti
Tohoshinki (TVXQ ) - Survivor
EXID - Trouble

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Let's talk about your favorite japanese releases by kpop groups, ONTD!
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