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Michael Costello allegedly faked THOSE DM's from Chrissy Teigen

Reporter Kat Tenbarge has alleged the widely-circulated story of Chrissy Teigen's DM's to designed Michael Costello may have been centred around a lie, or at the very least doctored images. Tenbarge points out in the following tweets that whilst Costello alleges to have screenshot the messages in 2014, the text box colour scheme is the newer one introduced in 2020 - not the 2014 hue. She also adds that even if he misremembered and screenshot them now, that Teigen's profile picture in the screenshots is from 2014, and her account would be verified in the DM's also which it is not.

This as well as video chatting on the app not being available until 2018.

Costello responded "no comment" when Tenbarge contacted him to point out these discrepancies.

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4
Tags: chrissy teigen / john legend, fashion, project runway (lifetime), scandal

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