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The View: Martin Sheen, Ziwe, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

Well, then good, Meghan, then you can be how you always are -Whoopi

WHY HAVE THEY NOT FIRED HER YET. No one should be on the receiving end of Meghan’s consistently toxic behavior.

Me-again fight

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Biden and Putin Press Gaggles

> ABC Rachel Scott @rachelvscott asks Putin about free and fair elections and his handling of Navalny and other opponents
> Former Daily Caller and F/cker Carlson staffer CNN Kaitlin Collins @kaitlancollins purposely misquoted Biden claiming he was confident Putin will change his behavior

Scott asked a cogent and relevant question, which rendered Putin fumbling for words. Collins got called out for her clickbait poor journalism. Biden later apologized for his wiseguy remarks. Most of the panel was /shrugs/. Scott was professional and credible. Collins was looking for soundbite. They liked Scott’s question and admired her tenacity, they thought Collins’ question was obviously yellow journalism, they thought Biden could’ve held his tongue but he later apologized, so that’s that. The irony of Me-again talking about ~behavior. Anyway, Me-again was rude, interrupting, insufferable, petulant and ridiculously inappropriate and unprofessional to Whoopi. Whoopi was not having it. Inexplicably Whoopi apologized to her! (but showed her how to be the adult and take the high road). Me-again even interrupted her apology. Godddd make her go away.

Hot Topic Victoria’s Secret is Retiring the Angels

Victoria’s Secret is finally catching up with the times. Re-brand was long overdue but smart move to continue appealing to women who don’t want to feel bad about themselves when buying sexy lingerie. Me-again continued to have pouty face, still mad from previous segment. Joy had funny quips.

Hot Topic Martin Sheen

President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet is promoting his film 12 Mighty Orphans in cinemas. He talks about >> his 60th wedding anniversary, his activism, arrested 70+ times for protesting, his activist inspiration (and Grace and Frankie costar) Jane Fonda, his iconic role on The West Wing, more about the film and his role playing a real character, working with Luke Wilson.

Hot Topic Ziwe

Ziwe is promoting her same-named show Ziwe, which airs on Showtime & Hulu. She talks about Fran Lebowitz agreeing to do her show, what her show is about, her goal in asking people uncomfortable questions about race, the criticism that she’s trying to cancel white women (lol), her interview of Andrew Yang, what she sees as her future (says Whoopi is an inspiration), why she tries to have as many diverse guests as possible. Me-again was thankfully absent on this segment. Ziwe was cute and funny.

Ontd do you have a toxic colleague

Yes /discuss
Not anymore /discuss
I'm a stay at home non worker and I love myself as my only colleague
Chocolate frosted poptarts

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