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The View: Joni Ernst, Michelle Buteau, Andy Slavitt, Daveed Diggs, D L Hughley, Michael Bolton

Panel varies per day Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Biden Meeting With Putin

This segment aired before the official meetings and press conferences that Biden and Putin held today.

Not going to recap because whoo boy what a press fiasco that turned out to be. First, the Russian press strong armed the US press at the initial pool spray. Then [former Daily Caller and F/cker Carlson staffer] Kaitlin Collins misquoted Biden, then got taken down for her misquote, then all the usual suspects like Maga Haberman cheered Collins bad take. Then Peter Doocey got Doocey’ed again, I swear that guy is being paid to set up stupid questions, to be made a fool on purpose.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Fewer Babies

NYT reports birth rates have fallen to lowest levels in 90 years for all the obvious reasons, none of which are abortion. They talk about all the reasons, some of which weren’t included in NYT article: finding your right partner, fertility issues, career ambitions, financial (in)stability, covid, cost of having and raising a child(ren) to adulthood, infant mortality, (lack of) prenatal and accessible-affordable healthcare, limiting family size vs having many children, and so on.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show D L Hughley

D L Hughley is promoting his book How to Survive America. He talks about Juneteenth, his new granddaughter, more on his book, his personal history, the environment’s impact on the Black community, he got covid and was writing while recovering.

Then vaxx hesitancy in Black communities, Biden owing Black women for his presidency.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton is promoting his show The Celebrity Dating Game on ABC, plays clip. Is that a wig?!?! Talks about all the celebrities who were contestants ages ago. Zoey Deschanel is his co-host. Sara asks about people sliding in to his IG DMs, he doesn’t personally check them lol. Whether he’d be a contestant, getting back to touring.


Hot Topic Tuesday Show Margarine Traitor Greene Forced to Apologize

Margarine Traitor Greene compared wearing masks to the Holocaust. She took a trip to the Holocaust Museum and then apologized because her party drew the line and made her say she was sorry. She had already visited Auschwitz when she was 19 yrs old but sure claim naiveté in 2021. She was risking censure, so anyway.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show In the Heights Colorism

Lin-Manuel Miranda took heat for complaints about In The Heights colorism, then he apologized. The panel feels the discussion is warranted about representation. Some felt the criticism went too far for one two hour film or to hold Lin-Manuel personally responsible for all of Hollywood, while others support Manuel but want more Afro-Latino representation.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Travelers Are Crazy

These crazy people losing their minds on airplanes need to be on lifelong ban lists. That one guy who tried to storm the cockpit was an off-duty flight attendant, good grief. Everything about masks was politicized. I’ve been vaxx but I’m going to wear a mask on planes because no-more-colds in that stuffy air!

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Daveed Diggs

Daveed Diggs is promoting his tv show Blindspotting on Starz, which is an adaptation of his film. The show includes Helen Hunt as a recurring character and he talks about their friendship and a new Twister with poc cast. He’s also collaborating with the Obamas on We the People in the vein of Schoolhouse Rock.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Bennifer 2.0

The panel loves it (except Whoopi who doesn’t care lol). They talk about why we’re all obsessed with BenThereDoneThat™. It’s the summer fling we deserve! Ben is JLo lobster /Friends reference.


Hot Topic Monday Show Jeffrey Pulling a Toobin is Back

Jeffrey Toobin was on a zoom call with New Yorker colleagues and thought he had turned off his camera. Of course he had not, so his colleagues saw him mastering his own domain. The New Yorker fired him, and CNN dropped him as a contributor. Now CNN has allowed him back. Ana feels it’s different because he didn’t intend for anyone to know what was happening vs when men/people have intentionally exposed themselves or actively behaved on purpose in an inappropriate way towards another person(s). It was embarrassing and gross but not ~harassment. Joy thinks it’s silly that he’s saying he’s trying to be a better person, when it’s not bad to masturbate when you’re alone in your own home, and his zoom not being turned off was a stupid mistake. Sunny feels he had consequences because New Yorker fired him, where the zoom call occurred. Ana calls out the people on the right coming after CNN after the same said nothing about T45, Gaetz, and so on. They had to bleep Whoopi saying ‘whack off’ lol. Her PSA is check your camera and don’t touch your privates on conference calls.

Hot Topic Monday Show GQP Still Hates the Squad

This show, these topics are a struggle watch. The GQP wants to censure Ilhan Omar who tweeted something they didn’t like while they do nothing about their own idiots like Boebert, Greene, Hawley. Ana says Omar should be more careful with her analogies but says how people reacted to her was horrible and worse than what she said (which Omar later clarified). Joy thinks Margarine Traitor Greene comparing wearing masks to the Holocaust was way worse.

Hot Topic Monday Show Wasabi the Pekingese Won Best in Show

Wasabi the Pekingese Won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The panel talks about their dogs and their dog grooming routine and pampering and also you should watch the film Best in Show on HBO Max.

Hot Topic Monday Show Andy Slavitt

Andy Slavitt was Biden’s covid response senior adviser and he talks about everything related to current covid discussion and Fauci and is promoting his book Preventable that covers the numerous failures of T45 admin. Nugget: T45 had to be told about the possible origins of covid like it was a bedtime story /not surprised.


Hot Topic Friday Show AOC Tweets and McConnell is Awful

AOC says stop trying to play fair with GQP, while McConnell claims bipartisanship is over after doing everything to block Obama agenda, refusing Senate vote for hundreds of House approved bills during T45 term, and now block Biden agenda. Meghan has stupid hair again and is wearing wallpaper you’d find in a planned community bathroom. Whoopi is fired up about voting rights. Anyway Biden has bipartisan support from the voting public just not the GQP elected officials who have zero desire in legislating for the American people.

Hot Topic Friday Show Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA)

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) says a bunch of gobbley gook and promotes her memoir Daughter of the Heartland. Me-again called VP Harris a moron. Classy. Ernst is a hypocrite and laughingly talks about Harris visiting the southern border despite Harris having already visited triangle countries such as Guatemala and Mexico, they're more interested in a photo op than actual work. I can’t listen to these ding dongs gaslight after doing nothing during T45 border catastrophe. Ernst says Yes Biden is Potus, supports Cheney speaking her mind, and she wants everyone to be nice to each other after having spent the last 4 years saying nothing about the morally bereft cretin never being nice to anyone.

Ernst talks about voting against the insurrection investigation, being a survivor of r/pe, domestic abuse, and a painful divorce.

Hot Topic Friday Show Michelle Buteau

Michelle Buteau is promoting her new Netflix comedy show Welcome to Buteaupia. Plays clip. She talks about her twins Hazel and Otis and returning to live comedy shows. She jokes about predicting Bennifer 2.0.

Wasabi the Best in Show Dog

Ontd do you have a

both dog and cat
other pet (in comments)
no pet but want one
no pet no thanks

Share your Best in Show pet /don't forget to size photos/

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