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Has streaming made movies worse?

There are more movies than ever being produced these days.

WSJ asks how many of them are any good?

Streaming has changed the game.

Netflix is the clear leader, producing in 2020 more films than weeks in the year.

Amazon is increasing their movies produced for Prime.

There's also the old-time studios like Disney, Paramount.

What does it all mean for cinema? Many Hollywood insiders worry about the pressure studios are putting on themselves to maintain quality amid the huge jump in production.

According to data, Netflix produced 133 films between 2016 and early 2020. Although Hollywood is producing more movies, very few titles score high with audiences and critics.

The research also found consumers lost interest in Netflix films faster than those made by major studios.

On the one hand, there are more opportunities than ever for new filmmakers and ambitious projects which may never have been given a chance in Hollywood’s old system

Martin Scorsese recently wrote in Harpers of his concern that cinema as art is being devalued as movies are lumped together with television series and unscripted shows.

Also, there's the problem on how to calculate how successful a movie is. Without a chance to share in box office revenues, filmmakers are no longer partnered with distributors and therefore have less riding on how commercially successful their movie is.


ONTD, do you think streaming has diluted the quality of cinema?
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