Gaga Saved Me! (gagasavedme) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Gaga Saved Me!

Queer Palestinian Pop Artist Releases Debut EP "Maskhara"!

You may know Palestinian Pop Queer Artist Bashar Murad from 2019 after releasing "Klefi / Samed" with Icelandic BDSM group, Hatari, when they visited Palestine / Israel for Eurovision 2019, or from his single "Maskhara" released in December 2020.

Now he is back with his debut EP also titled "Maskhara" or "Mockery", FULL of Arabic bangers with the same title!
Bashar just premiered the lyric video of the second single "Antenne" Ft. Palestinian Rapper Tamer Nafar. The official music video is coming soon!

Honestly they are all bangers but "Intifada on the Dance Floor" is just CRAZY!

Tags: lgbtq / rights, lyric video, middle eastern celebrities, new music post

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