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Cruel Summer: Second Season Renewal and Season One Finale Recap

Cruel Summer ended their first season last night and has been renewed for a second season in 2022. No further details have been confirmed about the storyline, cast, or characters for the second season.

[Spoiler Recap for Season One Finale]While testifying, Kate (girl formally known as Traumarama79) is confronted with the chat transcripts featuring information about her initially going to Martin's home willingly.

Kate and Jeanette get to hash it out in person over their versions of what happened during Christmas Eve:

  • Jeanette's version - She broke into Martin's house for shiggles, grabbed the snow globe, heard some noises upstairs, dropped her necklace and hauled ass out of there. She claims to never have seen Kate that night.

  • Kate's version - Increasingly panicked and scared about Martin's behavior, she called her flop boyfriend and received his voicemail. She is upstairs and watches Jeanette the cat burglar sneak in, but stays out of sight while the snow globe is snatched. She goes to the living room window and seemingly stairs right at a person who she presumes to be Jeanette on a bike. However, it was nighttime and she made the assumption based upon the bike's boombox features. Jeanette and Kate then realize that it was actually Mallory who was riding that particular bike that night.

Kate confronts Mallory with this new info, who admits she was trailing Jeanette and just saw the silhouette of a woman in the window. She assumed it was a girlfriend, sister, etc. of Martin - she states that she did not realize it was Kate until the seeing the news report her rescue on television. Kate forgives her quickly because Mallory kept her secret all this time. They end up dancing in the street to a 90s jam and PG smooching at the end of the episode.

We also get a flashback from Kate to see that Annabelle was the name for Martin's gun, which he also used to kill his father. He is freaking out because he can smell bacon in the air and fears a search warrant is on the horizon for the house. Kate is understandably terrified even as Martin holds the gun to his head and says that she should go live her life. He doesn't go through with it and then tries to bullshit her again by saying that they can work it out. Kate grabs the gun and shoots him.

Jeanette is shown living her best life wearing Kate's interview headband for her own new faux Oprah interview. She is receiving all kinds of apologizes, giving shout outs to her dad, and has reunited with the boy that punched her in the face the year before. The end...

[But wait!]

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