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WONHO Roundup: Interviews Edition

In addition to regularly updating his social media profiles, K-Pop prince WONHO has continued to promote his latest EP Love Synonym #2 : Right for Us, giving several insightful interviews to English-language publications.

With Allure, the "Ain't About You" singer discussed his daydreams, possible synesthesia and skincare routine:

On daydreaming: "I daydream a lot, like, truly a lot. Like, what would I have been or what if the world has ever been like this? It's kind of difficult for me to explain how I fit them into my music, though."

On synesthesia: [Interviewer asks if he can see a letter or number and connect a color to it] "Yes, I can. Don't others too? I'm not really sure why others are not like that... I thought everyone was like me."

On skincare: "All [I] do to take care of [my] skin is wash it and pat on toner."

He further discussed his musical influences and the attention he receives from fans with Rolling Stone:

On making music: "The fact that I can convey my authentic thoughts and feelings by producing my own music is the most important thing to me as a singer-songwriter... Actively participating in the producing process of my own music so I can directly communicate with and convey my feelings to [my fans] is definitely the biggest part of my career."

On his influences: "[K-Pop soloist Rain's] mesmerizing performances on stage made me want to become a well-rounded artist like him... I think I'm still in the process of finding my own musical sound. I'd like to say that my musical sound is not something that is fixed on a specific genre or a style of music [but] rather, it's fluid, like the musical inspirations I get." (He also cites Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish as current influences.)

On fan attention: "I'm glad that my fans find my pictures sexy. I feel so thankful to be loved."

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