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John Krasinski ("The Office"): Brown U.Class of 2002

john krasinski graduated from my school in 2002 and came back to talk today. we watched the "business school" episode and then he answered questions for an hour. he was amazing of course! very funny, very nice, very attractive. seriously though he was so super nice and funny, and really excited and flattered to have the auditorium literally overflowing with people. i even got him to talk to my friend on the phone! it was clearly the best hour of my undergraduate career! =)

p.s.-it's a really big post...let me know if i should split it in 2 or something

p.p.s.- someone asked him about fans, and he said he loves to meet office fans because we tend to be really cool...yay us!

the back of his head lol (while watching the episode)

answering questions

meeting fans, signing stuff, and taking pictures

me and john krasinski!

video 1: walking into the auditorium

video 2: talking about the show

video 3: answering a question about "playing a normal guy"

video 4: someone asked him about impersonating dwight, and then he talked a bit about shooting that scene. afterwards the guy asked him to take a picture

video 5: meeting with fans afterwards

Edit: John Krasinski plays Jim on "The Office." If you don't know that you should probably be watching NBC on thursdays at 8:30! Fixed video #1 and also put all the pictures behind the cut for the whiners who don't know how to use the "friends filter" setting :)

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