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Helen Hunt and Julianne Moore on Watch What Happens


  • Helen Hunt auditioned for Jurassic Park but didn't get it. Andy brought up that Julianne was in Jurassic Park 2, to which Julianne replied she has auditioned for many roles Helen ended up getting, including Twister.

  • Helen Hunt mentions that in 2020 she tried to get Twister 2 made with a diverse non white cast and they could barely even get a meeting, nobody would make the movie.

  • Helen Hunt was most intimidated to work with Jack Nicholson before she met him. Julianne was most intimidated to work with Meryl as "she's the queen."

  • Julianne said out of all her awards, she was most scared to give her Oscar acceptance speech.

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Tags: actor / actress, andy cohen / wwhl (bravo), interview, julianne moore

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